Terms of Use

Optional Service Terms - Master Content Service for Suppliers

The Master Content Service available to suppliers using Ariba Network for Suppliers (the "Service") is an Optional Service governed under the Ariba Network Terms of Use (Suppliers) ("AN TOU") and this Terms and Conditions document. These terms are applicable only to Suppliers that utilize the Service as activated from Ariba Network (referred to as "You" or "Supplier") and activation of the service serves as consent to these terms. These Terms and Conditions do not apply to Buyers. Defined terms not defined in this Terms and Conditions document have the meanings set forth in the AN TOU.

  1. Availability. The Service is an optional feature that may be activated by a Supplier account administrator with regard to catalogs added to the Ariba Network. The feature provides for the uploading, integration, publishing, validation, taxonomic assignment, correction and maintenance of a supplier's complete catalog(s) content for the Ariba Network (Master Content). Content integration to the Ariba Network is facilitated via Ariba Network standard taxonomies and product schema(s) as provided by the Ariba Network under a variety of file format options for the Supplier. Integrated catalog content is validated by Ariba Network processes, which provide guidance to the Supplier of the conformity of the supplier's catalog content to the then current Ariba Network catalog content standards. Integrated catalog content is indexed and normalized to the Ariba Network taxonomy. Attribute mapping processes provide category attributes whose values are mapped from the supplier's catalog content to establish normalized product attribution within category classes and taxonomy of the Ariba Network.

  2. Standing. The Service is available to Suppliers with accounts in good standing for use of the Ariba Network, and no additional fees apply. SAP Ariba may change the approach to fees for the Service with advance notice (at least thirty (30) days) of a change, and provided that any increase in fees shall only apply to new catalogs submitted to the Service and not to catalogs submitted to the Service prior to such change.

  3. Data Storage and Processing Location. The Master Content Services operates within the Ariba Network and leverages services managed by other SAP affiliated companies and integrated via secure connection with the Ariba Network. Integration, validation of content resides within the Ariba Network, all other indexing and normalization processes are hosted and operated in the USA and Germany by SAP affiliated companies. The services are powered by SAP HANA.

  4. Catalog Data Processing. You elect which catalogs to submit to the Master Content Service. For catalogs submitted to the Service, do not include pricing information nor any personal data. "Catalog Data" shall mean the product and service descriptions (including text, image, sound, video, taxonomy, and multimedia content) and related information submitted by You for processing in the Master Content Service. By submitting Catalog Data to the Service, you agree to grant, and hereby grant, SAP Ariba, SAP SE (the ultimate parent company of Ariba, Inc.) ("SAP Companies") and any direct or indirect subsidiaries of SAP SE, a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, sublicensable, perpetual and irrevocable license to reproduce, create derivative works (such as translations, personalizations, summaries, excerpts, and ontologies) from, publicly display, publicly perform, distribute, transmit, stream, store, promote, market, and adapt the Catalog Data for use in enhancing how your Catalog Data is presented to your trading partners and for use in conjunction with the operation of the Online Services (e.g. search and relevance features), including modifications of and future extensions to the Online Services. This license does not terminate if You expire a catalog or terminate your account or use of the Online Services. By sending, maintaining, or otherwise providing the Catalog Data to or with the Online Services, You represent that You are the owner of such material or have sufficient rights, licenses, and authorization to grant this license to the SAP Companies.

  5. Your Responsibilities
    Suppliers using the Master Content Service are responsible to test and confirm that the enhanced catalogs meet their requirements.

TOU Master Content Service - Suppliers - V1.0 June 29, 2018