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Peak Industries, Inc
Spokane, WA, United States
Manuf. Mobile Hydraulic Towers, (TOWS, COWS, COLTS, Refurbs) Antenna Mounts, DAS, ERRCS, privt netwk
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Peak industries, Inc offers the strongest, most durable mobile towers in the market.    
We have a very large variety of mobile towers to offer ie. COW, COLT, TOW, Referb. and  can modify to suite  your specific needs.   
Our towers have a small footprint,  
multi-carrier capacity, excellent wind and tower loading and quick and easy set up.  
Great for a variety of applications, i.e.  wireless communications, disaster communications, emergency lighting, Government applications, wind, etc.   
Available nationwide for rent or sale.
We also install DAS, enterprise mobile, microwave, fiber, private networks and indoor cellular
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Legal Name: Peak Industries, Inc

State of Incorporation: Washington

Type of Org: Corporation

Business Type: Manufacturer, DAS SYSTEMS

Year Founded: 1996

Revenue: Contact company for information

Employees: 18

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  • United States
  • Canada
  • Telecommunication services
  • Telecommunication equipment installation or modification kits
  • Telecommunications
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  • Transacting Relationships: 3
  • Subscription: Silver

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