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Conard Corporation
Glastonbury, CT, United States
Privately held small business specializing in photo chemical etching/machining of precision parts.
Privately held, AS9100 (C)/ ISO9001 and ITAR registered small American manufacturer specializing in photo chemical machining of precision metal components. Serving customers in aerospace, defense, electronics, medical and automotive since 1965.
Business Info
Legal & Fiscal

Legal Name: Conard Corporation

State of Incorporation: Connecticut

Type of Org: Corporation

Business Type: Manufacturer

Year Founded: 1965

Revenue: $1M to $5M USD

Employees: 25

  • ISO: ISO 9001 Certified (Quality Management)
Ship-to or Service Locations
Product and Service Categories
  • Global
  • Machining services
  • Carbon Steel stamped components
  • Stainless steel stamped components
  • Aluminum stamped components
  • Copper stamped components
  • Brass stamped components
  • Ferrous alloy stamped components
  • Bronze stamped components
  • Nickel alloy stamped components
  • Beryllium stamped components
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Automotive
  • High Tech & Electronics
  • Metal Products
  • Other
  • Telecommunications
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