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Public Profile:  http://discovery.ariba.com/profile/AN01014195197  |  ANID: AN01014195197  | Last Update: 11 Oct 2015
Pune, Maharashtra, India
UI,UX Audits, Web and Mobile Development, Web, Mobile Applications design, Wireframe and Prototype.
Uxexpert, offers consultant services for UI, UX, HCI and Usability. Also we take projects for design and development of Web and Mobile Apps, but we follow Human Computer Interactions (HCI) as a philosophy and we work on HCI principles.
UXExpert was founded in Jan 2014 by Mr.Tushar A Deshmukh.
He has 15+ years of Industry Experience, started carrier as a Faculty in Computer Institute, slowly moved in to the Design arena. Also, worked as a Multi Media Author, Cell Animation Compositor, Web Design, UI, UX, and Usability and as a HCI Professional. Worked in different departments and perform various roles in Small, Mid-Size and MNC’s.
Tushar is a certified professional in the “Web UX” online course by the Open University, Australia.

Design is not UI | UI is not UX | UX is not Design
Design, UI, UX are three different terms and these are totally different domains. Unfortunately many people fail to understand this and focus is shifted to design or usage of any software in particular. Users are most ignored part in entire design process.
In UxExpert, our vision is to bringing all stake holders including Client and their Users on common platform, we follow Human Computer Interaction techniques as a core principle.

UX Design, does it matter to your Business?
UX design means taking your users needs into account at every stage of your product lifecycle.

UX is the difference between - good & bad website.

Our Services helps organizations improve existing products or create new ones through research, strategy and design. Using our knowledge of human behaviour, we create digital experiences that are easy and delightful to use.
A great user experience meets the exact needs of the customer, without fuss or bother, simply giving customers what they say they want.
UX is the: what, when, where, why, how, and who of a product. Pretty much everything affects the user’s interactions with that product.
UX needs to take into account your business needs as well.
It’s no use having a product that people love, if it doesn’t help your business achieve its goals.
A UX Professional aims for that sweet spot where user needs & business needs overlap.

Our Domain Understandings:

What is User Centred Design?
Too often, systems are designed with a focus on business goals, fancy features, and the technological capabilities of hardware or software tools. All of these approaches to system design omit the most important part of the process – the end user. User-Centered Design (UCD) is the process of designing a tool, such as a website’s or application’s user interface, from the perspective of how it will be understood and used by a human user. Rather than requiring users to adapt their attitudes and behaviors in order to learn and use a system, a system can be designed to support its intended users’ existing beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors as they relate to the tasks that the system is being designed to support. The result of employing UCD to a system design is a product that offers a more efficient, satisfying, and user-friendly experience for the user, which is likely to increase sales and customer loyalty.

What is User Experience Design?
User Experience Design (UXD) entails conducting user research exercises with intended users of a system. User research reveals users’ needs and preferences through user observations, one-on-one interviews, and creative activities that encourage users to express their emotions, motivations, and underlying concepts and beliefs about the steps involved in task procedures. By understanding the human emotions, motivations, and beliefs that surround a task, a user interface can be designed to accommodate and support user behaviors in a way that users will experience as natural and satisfying.

What is Usability?
Usability is a measure of the interactive user experience associated with a user interface, such a website or software application. A user-friendly interface design is easy-to-learn, supports users’ tasks and goals efficiently and effectively, and is satisfying and engaging to use.
An interface’s level of usability can be measured by inviting intended users of the system to participate in a usability testing session. During a usability test session, a user is given a series of tasks to complete by using the system in question, without any assistance from the researcher. The researcher records user behaviors, emotional reactions, and the user’s performance as the user attempts to accomplish each task. The researcher takes notes of any moments of confusion or frustration that the user experienced while trying to complete a task, and also tracks whether or not the user was able to satisfactorily complete each task. Analysis of data, from several users provides User Experience Engineers a means of recommending how and where re-designing the interface is required in order to improve its level of usability, and thus, the user experience in general.

What makes software usable?
Usability depends on a number of factors including how well the functionality fits user needs, how well the flow through the application fits user tasks, and how well the response of the application fits user expectations. We can learn to be better user interface designers by learning design principles and design guidelines. But even the most insightful designer can only create a highly usable system through a process that involves getting information from people who actually use the system. Usability is the quality of a system that makes it easy to learn, easy to use, easy to remember, error tolerant, and subjectively pleasing.

Why is Usability Important?
From the user’s perspective, usability is important because it can make the difference between performing a task accurately and completely or not, and enjoying the process or being frustrated. From the developer’s perspective, usability is important because it can mean the difference between the success or failure of a system. From a management point of view, software with poor usability can reduce the productivity of the workforce to a level of performance worse than without the system. In all cases, lack of usability can cost time and effort and can greatly determine the success or failure of a system. Given a choice, people tend to buy systems that are more user-friendly.

Our Strengths
1. Research/ Analysis

Understanding your users
Our varied research tools gain important insights into the needs, wants and motivations of your active and occasional users through the use of interviews, testing, and ethnographic studies.

Developing a design strategy
Through active engagement and collaboration with your team, we'll define design guidelines to develop a clear content strategy and feature roadmap that will lead every design decision to ensure the final product meets your objective.
Generating ideas
We work with you and your team to generate multiple ideas and strategies that evolve into the best of the best breed of experiences.

2. Interaction

Prototyping and testing
We test and prototype solutions before production. Our first step is to sketch out ideas, build out interactive prototypes for test, lastly examine under real time. We find/fix problems and spot new opportunities before writing a single line of backend code. This saves time, money, and missed opportunities, giving you an early ROI.

Planning out detail
Our specialists in usability, information architecture and interaction design map out the entire experience, ensuring your users can achieve their goals simply and easily. We delivery all required site-maps, user–flows and detailed wire frames.

3. Interface
Products that last: We focus on crafting elegant, modular code. We're experts in the latest front–end technologies like HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, and we know how to implement and maintain these easily, saving you money in the long term.
Analyze, iterate, and improve: We work with you to tweak your product usability, improve conversion rates and add new features. More importantly we can help you develop a clear product roadmap to stay competitive.

4. Fresh Experience
The user interface is the window through which the world experiences your website, application, or system. Even the most sophisticated code and transcendent design fail if the site lacks usability. A powerful user interface bridges the distance between the human brain and the digital product. Understanding human behaviour is key to unlocking an exceptional user experience. Whether you are refreshing an existing website or starting from the ground up, our team can collaborate with you to create a fresh experience.

Our Services
We consider all relevant standards, heuristics and best practices when assessing your product, and provide you with actionable recommendations for improvement. We conduct usability evaluations at any point in the product development lifecycle, and can combine evaluations with other methods, resulting in a more comprehensive analysis.

1. Corporate Sessions:
We conduct corporate sessions. Any company wants to upgrade their existing UI /UX team. The structure of sessions depends on knowledgebase of the team and there experience. These sessions are of two types one is lecture and in other included with workshops and activity, where participants are has to take tasks and learn out of them.
We design tailor-made session only for you as per your need.

2. User Experience Audit:
Analyze the experience that people go through when using your products or services. Understand the problems and enhancement opportunities of the experience you offer through your products and services. By analyzing the main features, our research team provides you with an analytical vision of the quality of the experience your end-users have. The helpful information contained in the report will guide you towards the improvement of your offer in terms of user adoption and loyalty. The UX Audit can be integrated over time to make your service evolve by means of UX Monitoring.

3. User eXperience Design:
User experience (or UX) design is dedicated to giving you the best possible experience when using websites, software, and all kinds of services. You need to immediately know what to do, and be able to find what you need. It has to be quick, smooth, effortless and enjoyable. Frustration is right out!

4. Usability Services:
Usability studies serve several purposes. The most important is to evaluate or measure your users’ overall experience and levels of satisfaction. We employ a number of different methods and approaches to suit our clients’ purposes.
Usability as a discipline is at the heart of every stage of our process It’s not something that we tack on at the end of a project.
However, we are often asked to conduct usability reviews and testing of existing solutions for our clients. Then we come up with practical recommendations based on our expert or user–based testing and research.
Perfect for
On-line services that wish to evaluate and improve the quality of their offer.

1. Win points and pain points. - Discover the opportunities and problems that lie within the experience you offer your clients.
2. Improve user experience - Receive comments and suggestions concerning how you can improve your users’ experience.
3. Usefulness, simplicity, pleasantness. - Receive a qualitative evaluation of the usefulness, simplicity, and pleasantness of your offer.

UX Techniques

1. User Interviews
A user interviews are the common user research technique used typically to get qualitative information from either existing or potential users.
It is typically performed by one or two user experience consultants (one to interview and one to take notes) and can cover any range of topics from:
• The person’s background
• Their occupation
• Their use of technology
• Their goals
• Their motivations
• Their pain points
These all add vital meat on the bone to any person as you design and help you understand your potential and existing users.

2. Story Boards

Scenarios and storyboarding provide a reality check for your designs, allowing you to see how the interaction will play out in a real environment.
Validating these storyboards with your users, stakeholder they’ll let you know when you’re on the right track.

3. Paper Prototype

"Paper prototyping is a variation of usability testing where representative users perform realistic tasks by interacting with a paper version of the interface that is manipulated by a person ‘playing computer,’ who doesn’t explain how the interface is intended to work." – Paper Prototyping

4. Wire Frames

A wireframes are the skeleton of a page. It shows the priority and the organization of things on the screen and how users will get to other parts of the site. Wireframes range in fidelity from quick sketches on a whiteboard to detailed computer renderings. While wireframes will vary in their level of detail, they generally reflect the designer's ideas about the placement of elements on the page, the labeling of elements, site navigation, and how the user will interact with the site.

5. Digital Mockups
We are skilled in Design Digital Mockups. Please contact sales@uxexpert.in

Note these are sample work only, some links may not work. Please ask for latest work samples.


Tushar A Deshmukh
Founder and CEO

tushar@uxexpert.in Tushar is a certified professional in the “Web UX” online course by the Open University, Australia.
UXExpert was founded in Jan 2014 by Mr.Tushar A Deshmukh.
He has 15+ years of Industry Experience, started carrier as a Faculty in Computer Institute, slowly moved in to the Design arena.
Also, worked as a Multi Media Author, Cell Animation Compositor, Web Design, UI, UX, and Usability and as a HCI Professional. Worked in different departments and perform various roles in Small, Mid-Size and MNC’s like MicroWorld (eScan Antivirus), Epoch ( Rediff.com)
Tushar Holds a Master Degree in a Life Science. And done Research work in the Nuclear Chemistry.
Tushar is also part of volunteer activities like Flood Relief in various part of India.

Mugdha T Deshmukh
Partner and CTO

mugdha@uxexpert.in Mugdha is graduated from Mumbai University.
Professional experience is more than 6 years. worked on Web development and Sage CRM
Hands on handling multiple projects on different domain like Travel, Finance. Mugdha has a strong experience in a technical aspects of product management & end-to-end architecture.
Previously worked with FirsteService, handling clients like Ezeego, Matrix Cellular, SBICapital, .
Mugdha also expert in French Language

We are Powerful UI Partner in your Business
One of our advantages is our array of holistic digital offerings. We love to start with UI work, and we can quickly proceed to front-end design and back-end development, then marketing if needed. We understand the big picture in the UI planning stage, so we design in context of execution, knowing all the cutting edge capabilities of modern technology. Because we are with you from concept to delivery, we can execute with speed and agility.

Contact Us
Visit : www.uxexpert.in
Email : admin@uxexpert.in | sales@uxexpert.in
Phone : +91 7774007481
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Type of Org: Sole Proprietorship

Business Type: UX Consultancy

Year Founded: 2013

Revenue: Less than $50K USD

Employees: 6

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