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Side Smirk
New York, NY, United States
Side Smirk is a market research & strategy firm focusing on technology-driven consumer insights.
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Side Smirk is an innovative boutique, market research firm based in New York City. Our team has over 32 combined years of research experience across a variety of industries, products, services and brands, and our business is focused on technology-driven insights.

Some of our clients include: GNC - P&G - Campbell's - Jose Cuervo - Nickelodeon - PNC Bank - Hallmark - Yahoo! - and many, many more.

Research isn't about segmenting audiences anymore. It isn't, or shouldn't be, just about statistics. It's about understanding why Jane goes to mommy yoga on Wednesdays followed by the beer garden with friends in the evening. It's about understanding why Paul goes to spin class on Tuesdays followed immediately by a trip for frozen yogurt. And then, it's about understanding how you - the brand, product, service or company - fit into these routines. People don't just consume, they live. They're informed and their preferences change everyday.


Side Smirk is currently using a cutting-edge, one-of-a-kind technology in a way no other company is; Side Smirk has GOOGLE GLASS.

As you know, Google Glass enables the wearer to record video, take pictures, navigate, translate signs and more, all hands-free. We are using Glass to obtain deep consumer insights for our clients.

Take research out of the facility and into real-life locations and scenarios like grocery stores and shopping malls. Glass allows you to literally see your product or service through the eyes of your customers.

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State of Incorporation: New York

Type of Org: Corporation

Business Type: Contractor/Consultant

Year Founded: 2012

Revenue: $100K to $1M USD

  • Diversity: Women-Owned Business
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  • Market research telephone surveys
  • Market intelligence or competitive analysis
  • Market research on location surveys
  • Market research paper surveys
  • Market research mail surveys
  • Consumer based research or clinics or focus groups
  • Agriculture & Mining
  • Automotive
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