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ESI BIO - A Division of BioTime, Inc.
Alameda, CA, United States
ESI BIO provides innovative and highly reliable research products for stem cell scientists worldwide
Welcome to ESI BIO, an exciting and rapidly growing biotech company focused on providing stem cell researchers with products and technologies that will assist them in translating their work into the clinic.

Advances in the basic science of stem cell biology have been astounding, yet the success in translating these discoveries into the clinic has lagged behind, partly because of a lack of basic research tools that can meet the regulatory requirements for clinical grade manufacturing and medical use.

ESI BIO (ES Cell International) has a proud heritage of creating clinical grade stem cell products, being the first to produce clinical-grade human embryonic stem cells and publish the results in 2007. Through our position as a member of the family of stem-cell-based subsidiary companies owned by BioTime, Inc., we have access to an incredibly strong team of scientists experienced in the use of pluripotent stem cells in clinical trials, and we have access to the largest portfolio of intellectual property in the field. Our people are our strongest asset, and we are assembling product development and marketing teams that will expand our current family of stem cell products, including our family of pluripotent and PureStem progenitor stem cells, HyStem hydrogel matrix products, and our portfolio of small molecules and antibodies.
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Legal Name: ESI BIO - A Division of BioTime, Inc.

State of Incorporation: California

Year Founded: 2000

Revenue: $100K to $1M USD

Employees: 10

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