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Quality Companies USA, LLC
YOUNGSVILLE, LA, United States
Oil and Gas Service Organization providing: ASME, onshore and offshore fabrication & construction.
Quality Companies continuously focuses on the basic fundamentals of our business to improve the ability to leverage our core strengths, enhance operational performance and provide the finest service to our clients. Our vision is to build Quality Companies into an industry leading, customer centric company by listening to our clients, offering superior fabrication and construction solutions, and most importantly by personalizing their overall experience. We add value to our clients by providing the most efficient, innovative and effective solutions for them to enhance their construction,
fabrication and operations requirements.  
Quality Companies is committed to expanding into new area that build upon our technologies, vast experience and superior services. We launched an Industrial/International division that will concentrate on diversifying the company from the Gulf of Mexico and oil and gas industry and focus on alternative energy projects within the United States and abroad. This division is not without experience in Industrial/International operations, as the division includes several individuals with stints working in plants in Venezuela, Bolivia, West Africa and Mexico. Quality Companies continously devotes energy and resources to solidify and expand our position within the oil and gas industry.
Our C o r e B u s i n e s s I n c l u d e s:  
Offshore Hookups, Facility Upgrades & Maintenance, Compressor Installations, Fabrication Services, Field Welding, Industrial/International Upgrades, Plant Turnarounds, Upgrades, & Maintenance, Offshore & Onshore Coatings (Paint/Blast/etc.), Composite Wrapping for Corrosion Protection and Structural Integrity Improvement, ASME Coded Vessel Fabrication, Scaffolding, Production Operations, Managed Properties, Supplemental Labor, Logistic Operations, Pipeline Maintenance & Operations, Plant Maintenance & Operations,Complete Line of New and Refurbished Coded and Non-Coded Production Equipment, Contract Labor (including Construction Supervisors, Welders, Fitters, Ship Fitters, Ship Welders, Crane Operators,
Riggers/Roustabouts, Production Superintendents, Production Operators, Mechanics, Electricians, I & E Technicians, Pipeline Technicians, Measurement
Technicians and Electrical Technicians).  
Op e r a t i o n a l E x c e l l e n c e  
Our long-term commitment to developing mutually beneficial relationships with our clients by consistently exceeding customer expectations has lead Quality Construction & Production, L.L.C. (“QCP”) to become one of the fastest growing companies in America earning the distinction of Entrepreneur Magazine’s Hot 500 for 2007, as well as a spot on Acadiana’s Top 50 Privately Held Companies for 2009, 2010, and 2011. QCP’s solid growth enabled the firm to purchase the contract operations and compliance divisions of Production Management Industries, LLC (PMI) from Superior Energy Services on April 9, 2007 founding Quality Production Management, LLC (QPM). QPM has also flourished under the Quality Companies banner earning the Lafayette District MMS S.A.F.E. award on March 19, 2009 in only its second year of operations. Effective April 1, 2010 Traco Production Services, Inc. (founded by Tommy & Gaynell Allen in 1987) joined the Quality Companies family. Traco has established an excellent reputation by providing superior coded and non-coded production equipment services while continually meeting and exceeding customer expectations.  In 2015, we attained the ISO 9001:2008 designation demonstrating our ongoing commitment to Quality and Continuous Improvement.  
The key to the future is our clients. We will continue to reinforce our “Quality People – Quality Service” philosophy that ensures our clients are provided only the finest services. These efforts enable us to invest in business-building initiatives in support of our customers’ cost-reduction and production requirements.
Business Info
Legal & Fiscal

Legal Name: Quality Construction & Production, LLC

State of Incorporation: Louisiana

Type of Org: Corporation

Business Type: Manufacturer, Service Provider, General Contractor (Oil and Gas)

Year Founded: 2001

Revenue: $100M to $500M USD

Employees: 1200

  • ISO: ISO 9001 Certified (Quality Management)
Ship-to or Service Locations
Product and Service Categories
  • United States
  • Commercial or industrial construction
  • Ladders and scaffolding
  • Well fabrication or construction services
  • Well management / construction services
  • Engineering & Construction
  • Metal Products
  • Oil & Gas
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