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Automotive Testing & Dev Svcs
Ontario, CA, United States
Provide engineering testing support services for emissions and durability testing.
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ATDS is an independent certification service provider and full service emissions testing laboratory in business for over 25 years. ATDS certification professionals and management have achieved  certification of new motor vehicles in over 100 projects for both very small volume manu­facturers as well as for some of the worlds’ largest. The complexity of the certification process has increased with the adoption of the Tier II / LEV II regulations by the EPA and California Air Resources Board.  

ATDS started as a vehicle emissions testing organization that focused on serving the automotive industry.  The company has grown and now has about 200 employees located in five permanent and various temporary locations.  Currently, ATDS has 5 major automotive related service businesses:

  • Vehicle and Component Durability Testing - We test passenger cars, light to heavy trucks and motorcycles using both public roads and automotive proving grounds.  This work is done at both permanent ATDS locations and at temporary remote test sites.  Value-added services offered include scheduled periodic exercise of vehicle convenience features, accessories, and controls, oil sampling, ballast to simulate load, operation with trailers, and root-cause analysis for vehicle or component malfunctions.

Vehicle Emissions Testing - This business is located at our Ontario, California headquarters and testing laboratory.  We perform full vehicle emissions tests on gasoline and Diesel powered vehicles to both FTP and SFTP protocols.  ATDS performs over 1,000 FTP equivalent tests each year for clients ranging from Ford, GM, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan, Volvo and other OEMs to small aftermarket component manufacturers.  ATDS test data is accepted by both EPA and CARB for new vehicle certification, in-use verification testing and aftermarket component certification testing.  

Associated capabilities include Enhanced Evaporative Emissions testing, NMOG determinations, alternative fuel emissions testing, electric vehicle range testing, and hydrocarbon speciation.  SAE Coast-Downs are routinely conducted to support emissions testing of new and modified vehicles for which OEM dynamometer settings are not available.  

Our laboratory is routinely audited by CARB staff for the emissions testing programs we conduct on behalf of numerous major manufacturers. Correlation programs are maintained with both GM and Ford directly, and with the balance of the North American industry through our participation in the annual CARB correlation program. As a result, emissions data generated in support of a manufacturers’ certification will be accepted by both the USEPA and the California ARB.  

  • Engine Dynamometer Testing - This business is also located in our Ontario, California headquarters. Current projects include catalytic converter aging and non-road Diesel engine certification. Recent projects have included the certification of a variety of small and large spark ignition (SI) off-road engines for a number of international importers.  
  • Contract Personnel Services - ATDS provides qualified contract personnel to automotive technical centers.  Typical personnel provided include drivers, mechanics, data technicians, proving ground maintenance personnel, administrative personnel, and laboratory technicians.
  • Other Services - ATDS provides a wide variety of other services such as procurement of customer owned vehicles in use under real world operating conditions, used component procurements and survey development.  
  • Procurement - We have provided procurement support for multiple New Vehicle OEMs, not only in CA and MI but also in CO, NY, MA, VA and FL to both CARB and EPA requirements.  We have conducted multiple in-use vehicle procurement programs for a wide range of vehicle manufacturers, both for Reality Check and for engineering programs, over the past 8 years, all of which have been very successful.  We are currently conducting IUVP procurement programs for five major OEM for TY2008/2011 and OBD Rate Monitor procurement programs for another three major OEM. Our combination of both past and recent experience is perhaps unique among independent engineering service providers and allows our customers a high level of confidence in our ability to meet their needs.
ATDS has provided engineering services to most of the North American, European, and Asian vehicle manufacturers and major suppliers.
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Legal Name: Automotive Testing and Development Services, Inc.

State of Incorporation: California

Type of Org: Corporation

Business Type: Engineering

Year Founded: 1989

Revenue: $10M to $50M USD

Employees: 250

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