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Channel Portal, Inc.
Saratoga, CA, United States
We help OEMs and Resellers in high-tech and manufacturing grow revenue from their existing customers
Channel Portal helps OEMs and Resellers in high-tech and manufacturing industries grow revenue from their existing customers, maximize Customer Lifetime Value and increase sales and channel productivity.

We deliver the world’s first application for integrated account and channel management, built 100% native on the Salesforce Platform.

Now you have a data-driven approach with timely and actionable information, customer predictive analytics and a workflow-enabled execution playbook to better manage your customers.

Our application is designed for suppliers on Ariba Network
  • Receive Purchase Orders from, and send Invoices to, Ariba Network electronically
  • Validate transactions and manage business and data issues
  • Integrate with internal ERP - including brokering PO’s across multiple internal ERP’s
  • Keep information synchronized between Ariba Network, CRM and internal ERP(s)
Start by discovering the full revenue potential from your existing customers
  • Predict Customer Lifetime Value
  • Evaluate sales and channel productivity
  • Measure customer and channel data visibility
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Legal & Fiscal

Legal Name: Channel Portal, Inc.

State of Incorporation: Delaware

Type of Org: Corporation

Business Type: Service Provider

Year Founded: 2015

Revenue: $1M to $5M USD

Employees: 12

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Ship-to or Service Locations
Product and Service Categories
  • Global
  • Sales and marketing software
  • Customer relationship management CRM software
  • High Tech & Electronics
  • Industrial Machinery & Components
  • Wholesale Distribution
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