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Techniche Trading LLC
Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
We supply cooling vests for heat stress management,sun protection accessories & manhole cover lifter
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We supply cooling vests and sun protection accessories for heat stress management as well as a range of hydraulic and magnetic lifters for manhole covers to  prevent injuries due to manual lifting.   

Heat Stress Management  


At Techniche, we specialise in solutions to combat heat stress and UV radiation during the summer. Our products can be of immense help in keeping outdoor staff  cool and comfortable this summer. Our clients include ADNOC, Etihad Airport Services, Saipem, Petrofac,  Dubai Airport,  Sharjah Airport, Dubai Supply Authority, Emrill, Khansaheb, Farnek, Dutco, Total Tractebel Emirates, Emirates Cement, Shuweihat CMS International Power Company(SCIPCO),  Dow Chemicals  etc. to name a few.   



We supply patented cooling technology from Techniche International (USA), Occunomix(USA) and other specialist manufacturers. The innovative cooling apparel and accessories will benefit anyone who works in a hot environment by keeping them more comfortable and productive. The products activate simply by immersing in water (Evaporative cooling) or freezing the cooling inserts (Phase Change Material based cooling (PCM)). As the water on the evaporative cooling vest evaporates, it absorbs heat from the body of the wearer cooling him down. You can expect cooling of up to 10 to 15 deg below ambient for several hours depending on humidity levels and airflow. For PCM vests, the frozen inserts keep the wearer  at a constant temperature of 14 or 18 deg C for upto 3 hours. Apart from vests, we also supply accessories like caps, towels, neck bands etc. which provide a quick cooling method on the go! Techniche‚Äôs personal cooling technologies help enhance thermal comfort and improve performance & productivity.    


Links to the full summer catalogue from Occunomix,  Techniche International and Inuteq are given below.  


Occunomix catalogue                                       :  

Techniche International catalogue                :  

Inuteq catalogue                                                  :  


UV Protection:  


Skin cancer today is growing at an alarming rate and outdoor workers carry a high risk category due to prolonged and repeated exposure to UV radiation. Our sun protection range provides the best protection for outdoor workers blocking out up to 98% of the UV radiation(UPF 50+). Short sleeved shirts and baseball caps are the norm in summer uniforms.  This attire leaves the ears, back of the neck and forearms exposed to the sun making these areas vulnerable to skin cancer. Sun screen lotions need to be reapplied every few hours and may not offer sufficient protection after profuse sweating. With UPF 50+ rated sun protection accessories (arm sleeves, neck shades, neck gaiters, sun masks etc.) there is a safe , comfortable and non-greasy way to stay protected in the sun. We also provide collapsible and portable canopy tent shelters that are quick to set up when your team is in need of shade.  


Sun protection solutions catalogue :  



Hydraulic and magnetic manhole cover lifters  


These lifters come with a range of safe working loads of upto 1.5 tonnes to help with most covers encountered on site. They reduce the chance of musculoskeletal injuries associated with manual lifting making it safe, easy and efficient.


Hydraulic lifter catalogue         :  

Magnetic lifter catalogue          :  

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