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Public Profile:  |  ANID: AN01039590189  | Last Update: 11 Mar 2017
Hutaib Computer LLC
Sharjah, UAE, United Arab Emirates
HUTAIB is a provider of CCTV Surveillance Systems, Time Attendance & Door Access Control Solutions.
HUTAIB InfoTech Solutions was established in year 2011 in United Arab Emirates. HUTAIB is a provider of high-level Security & CCTV Surveillance Systems, Time Attendance & Door Access Control Solution, Structured Cabling and Network, ICT & Telecommunications Systems and other Low Voltage Systems for Commercial, Government and industrial sectors throughout the UAE. Our ISO 9001:2008 Certification aptly demonstrates the importance we place on top rate quality of customer servicing with our IT service and solutions offerings. The certification recognizes the strict adherence to its overall quality management systems that spans its operations and general business management Know Your Security and Technology Partner Better HUTAIB committed to you in the strategic design and seamless execution of innovative, state-of-the-art technology security systems that are delivered within budget and agreed time scales. Our core strength is based on HUTAIB investing in its people and its products. HUTAIB world-class security technology is supported by highly experienced security specialists, design engineers, service and maintenance professionals all furnished with years of experience in the integration of security systems. HUTAIB stand out from other competitors in the market not only with our various services but also because of several reasons like regular service checks, user friendly appliances, and customer friendly staff. Our sales team is enriched with the ability to garner onto new projects, which in turn are accomplished by our efficient team of service engineers and technicians. We select appropriate places as to where our equipment is to be installed rather than leaving that burden to the customers, for example in case of security installations, we select which places in the building or within the organization are prone to threats and need constant surveillance and then only after the customer’s satisfaction about the place, we go on with the installation. We understand your needs and act appropriately. We also advice the customers as to which process of installation would be more cost effective, where at the same place quality is one which we do not compromise. We make sure that we deliver the best quality products in the market at a justified pricing structure. HUTAIB strategy since the inception has been and will remain forever as “To deliver quality driven IT Solutions – in simplified and satisfied form”. Its major strength lies in its ability to offer Aggregate Solutions which includes end to end ICT Infrastructure Solution (Consulting, Supply, Installation & Support). The technology segment in the UAE was very fragmented prior to 2001. Many smaller players provided single or couple of services or solutions in IT and networking space. By 2001, globalization had arrived in the UAE and many large enterprises demanded a single stop solutions provider for any and every type of ICT Infrastructure needs – be it hardware, software, networking, security, consulting or solutions. Hutaib InfoTech Solutions was set up in order to address this particular need of the market. Read on and check out the ways in which you obtain maximum Returns on your investment when you choose HUTAIB InfoTech Solutions as your Technology partner. Why HUTAIB InfoTech Solutions? Esteemed customers in UAE and Dubai will agree that they cannot find a more reliable partner than HUTAIB IS to provide immense customer satisfaction, maximum ROI, and amazing professionalism with the various ICT services, solutions and ICT infrastructure supply that we deliver. Our team of professionals displays a remarkable blend of creativity and practical application with the ideas and solutions devised to meet your specific set of business problems. All the surveillance solutions, hardware equipment’s, software and services we provide, display enormous emphasis revolving on meeting customer needs with ease. Deep Domain Knowledge that facilitates Customized Solutions. Rather than providing off-the-shelf solutions, HUTAIB IS puts in efforts to sit with the client, discuss their business needs in collaborating with us and then go on to propose appropriate solutions that is meant to solve exclusively their set of problems and help them improve efficiencies immensely at lower cost of operations. This competency arises from a deep domain knowledge from our experienced IT engineers and consultants. The international standards of professionalism, customer focus and advanced technology knowledge is one the key factors why Hutaib InfoTech Solutions has the ability to provide substantial value in our ICT, Security and Networking solutions offerings If you want a dedicated ICT setup for your company, then you need not contact multiple vendors. For this reason, it makes complete business sense to connect with HUTAIB InfoTech Solutions for this need. Right from hardware setup, software and development solutions, to wireless and wired network installation and configuration services, we are the ideal expertise providers when it comes to scalability and robust IT services and solutions for your enterprise needs. If you want to check our range of diverse services, do take out two minutes and give us a buzz. Our team will make sure to get back to you on priority and help resolve your IT needs with amazing finesse. Our Vision Evolve positively to be an ever-growing international company with sole focus on embracing the latest and best technological trends in ICT infrastructure spanning security surveillance, wireless and networking, ICT Infrastructure and Web Technologies. Our Mission In order to meet our vision, we strive to Build a team of professionals with international standards of proficiencies. Build a successful network of IT vendors to provide timely and reliable services. Ensure an overall work environment conducive to high impact growth. Put customer needs in forefront at all times. Ensure total transparency and integrity in what we do. We will design, develop and deploy high quality and reliable IT solutions to drive the efficiencies of the SMB sector businesses. We help ensure that the ever-changing technology landscape produces a positive impact on our client’s operations with help of our expertise and ability to stay ahead of the learning curve. Corporate Values Customer Satisfaction Business exists because of its loyal customers. We will provide service of highest level to ensure Customer satisfaction Quality One of the critical ingredients to achieve customer satisfaction is to deliver the highest quality of the work. Ethics We will conduct business in an ethical, legal and socially responsible way. Our integrity will never be compromised.
Video Surveillance Solution for Enterprise
Video Surveillance Solution for Enterprise
Business Info
Legal & Fiscal

Type of Org: Partnership

Business Type: Contractor/Consultant, Service Provider, Value Added Reseller, System Integrator, Retailer

Year Founded: 2011

Revenue: $100K to $1M USD

Employees: 7

  • ISO: ISO 9001 Certified (Quality Management)
Ship-to or Service Locations
Product and Service Categories
  • R'as al Khaymah
  • Umm al Qaywayn
  • Al Fujayrah
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Ajmān
  • Motion detectors
  • Business card scanner
  • Dial access services
  • Computer data input device covers
  • Point of sale payment terminal
  • Domestic leased lines
  • Punch card readers
  • Camera based vision systems for automated data collection
  • Barcode Verifier
  • Voice microphones for computers
  • Portable data input terminals
  • Optical character recognition systems
  • Time card machines
  • DSL digital subscriber line
  • Touch pads
  • Biometric identification equipment
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Multi point analog telecommunications circuit
  • Scanners
  • Point to point analog telecommunications circuit
  • Graphics tablets
  • Line matrix printers
  • IP phones
  • Plotter printers
  • Thermal tape printers
  • Inkjet printers
  • Voice mail support service
  • Analog Telephones
  • Teleconference equipment
  • Firewall network security equipment
  • Laser printers
  • Videoconferencing service
  • Dot matrix printers
  • Telephone support service
  • Internet or intranet client application development services
  • Modems
  • Network system equipment rack
  • Encoder decoder equipment
  • Telephone line sharing devices
  • Safety or security systems installation
  • World wide web WWW site design services
  • Network system cabling box
  • Handheld PDA Starter Kits
  • Telephony equipment toll restrictors
  • Key board skins
  • Mouse pads
  • World wide web WWW site operation host services
  • Service kits for storage devices
  • Web search engine providers
  • Voice mail administration service
  • Digital Telephones
  • Security cameras
  • Internet or intranet server application development services
  • Monitor arms or stands
  • ERP or database applications programming services
  • Fixed phones
  • Band printers
  • Telephone administration service
  • Answering machines
  • Application implementation services
  • Head mounted displays
  • Operating system programming services
  • Computer display glare screens
  • Client or server programming services
  • Organic light emitting displays
  • Systems integration design
  • Character displays
  • Application programming services
  • Touch screen monitors
  • Maintenance or support fees
  • Mainframe software applications design
  • Plasma display panels PDP
  • Software patches or upgrades
  • Personal computer PC application design
  • Cathode ray tube CRT monitors
  • Mainframe console or dumb terminals
  • Liquid crystal display LCD panels or monitors
  • Dye sublimination printers
  • Datacom patch cord
  • Telephone call accounting systems
  • Peripheral switch boxes
  • Systems planning services
  • Confinement surveillance systems maintenance or monitoring
  • Din rail
  • Telephone call diverter or forwarder
  • Signal processor upgrades
  • Telecommunications planning services
  • Personal computers
  • Datacom cross connect system and accessories
  • Autodialers
  • Docking stations
  • Systems architecture
  • Datacom label
  • Telephone busy lamp fields
  • Port replicators
  • Network planning services
  • Standalone telephone caller identification
  • Ultra mobile personal computer
  • Teleconferencing console
  • Computer switch boxes
  • Telecom announcers
  • Wearable computing devices
  • Wide area network communications design
  • Fingerprint services
  • Premise branch exchange PBX systems
  • Mainframe computers
  • Local area network communications design
  • Currency recognition equipment
  • Keyboard drawers or shelves
  • Automated attendant systems
  • Computer speakers
  • Tablet computers
  • Automatic call distributor ACD
  • Computer hardware maintenance or support
  • Network repeaters
  • Compact disc CD or labeling printers
  • Desktop computers
  • Surveillance video or audio recorders
  • Network routers
  • Digital image printers
  • Point of sale POS terminal
  • Security or access control systems
  • Point of sale POS receipt printers
  • Thin client computers
  • High end computer servers
  • Bag tag printer
  • Notebook computers
  • Game pads or joy sticks
  • Network gateway
  • Multi function printers
  • Personal digital assistant PDAs or organizers
  • Computer mouse or trackballs
  • Quality assurance services
  • ISDN integrated services digital network services
  • Pressure stylus
  • Point to point digital telecommunications circuit
  • Radio frequency identification devices
  • Intercom systems
  • Wave division multiplexing WDM
  • Keyboards
  • Proprietary or licensed systems maintenance or support
  • Magnetic stripe readers and encoders
  • Ocx optical carrier service
  • Telephone entry systems
  • Light stylus
  • High speed circuit switched dial up services
  • Music or message on hold player
  • Dark fiber
  • Dense wavelength division multiplexing DWDM
  • Music on hold adapter
  • Telecommunications remote access unit
  • Bar code reader equipment
  • System installation
  • Network management or monitoring device
  • Voice mail systems
  • Computer accessory kits
  • Multistation access units
  • Telephone dial backup units
  • Network system cabinet or enclosure
  • Interactive voice recognition equipment
  • Computer or notebook stands
  • Systems analysis
  • Computer servers
  • Digital enhanced cordless telecommunications DECT cordless phones
  • Patch panel
  • Telephony equipment service observing units
  • Computer country or localization kits
  • Computer or network or internet security
  • Multimedia kits
  • Telephone call sequencers
  • Network cable management panel assembly
  • Universal serial bus hubs or connectors
  • Telephone line status monitors
  • Clock timers
  • Telephony equipment
  • Time accounting software
  • Time stamping machines
  • Information technology consultation services
  • Data center services
  • Closed circuit television services
  • Local area network LAN maintenance or support
  • Outdoor fiber optics cable
  • Fiber optic cable
  • Service Provider
  • Engineering & Construction
  • Insurance
  • Media
  • Retail
  • Transportation & Storage
  • Agriculture & Mining
  • Furniture
  • Oil & Gas
  • Financial Services & Banking
  • Primary Metal & Steel
  • Forest Products & Paper
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Metal Products
  • Industrial Machinery & Components
  • Telecommunications
  • Chemicals
  • Building Materials, Clay & Glass
  • Consumer Products
  • Automotive
  • Wholesale Distribution
  • High Tech & Electronics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Utilities
  • Textiles Production
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Public Sector
  • Other
  • Higher Education & Research
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