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Powerslide Design Co
SEATTLE, WA, United States
Hand silk screened posters & graphic design services
Powerslide Design Co. is the brainchild of Seattle-based graphic designer Mike Klay. A musician and an outdoorsman, his collection of manually screen-printed posters and tees evokes the beauty of nature and the energy of music.

Hailing from the South Bay Area in California, "I currently reside in Seattle where it doesn't rain as often as you think. The Pacific Northwest is a frequent backdrop for my art. What began as a silk-screened concert poster has turned into art prints, shirts and other various merchandise."

Music has always been a driving force behind a lot of the ideas that Klay puts on paper. In high school he picked up a guitar and learned a couple of notes until he eventually starting laying down beats on a drum kit. After graduating from college and moving to Seattle, there was no way that Klay could play drums in an apartment. The drums were sold and the money was used to purchase a pair of Technics MK1200's. Turntables were Klay's natural progression in music and also a way to keep his neighbors happy. Eventually the turntables became singular and an acoustic guitar was added to the mix.

Whether it be the music he listens to while working, the local venues he visits to see various music acts perform, or browsing through one of the many local record shops; music makes him tick.

Having done posters for theatre productions in school and an infatuation for all things music, it was inevitable that one day a fusion would become a reality. After a friend invited him over to learn the basics of screen printing, the eyes widened and whole new world lay in front of him. The possibilities with this new found knowledge were endless.

Mike has been making gigposters or "showprints" for local venues such as Chop Suey, The Showbox, El Corazon, The Triple Door and The Crocodile Cafe. Without the contraints of a musical artists, the constant images and ideas became developed and released as art prints. "A lot of times people would like a band, but not the poster design or vice versa. The art print capitalizes on that notion and the design speaks for itself".

In his free time, Klay enjoys strolling in Ballard with his wife, Sandra, thier kids Gavyn and Morgan, and their dog, Riley. On the weekends, you may spot him on a mountain bike, skateboard, or snowboard. Afterall, the Pacific Northwest is a perfect place to take advantage of the great outdoors.
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Year Founded: 2005

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