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ProVent, LLC
Harbor Springs, MI, United States
Wet Collectors, Cartridge Collectors, Oil/Mist Collectors, Portables, Extraction Arms, Ductwork...
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Industrial Process Ventilation/Filtration Equipment Manufacturer

ProVent is the premier industrial ventilation equipment manufacturer in North America.  The Uni-Wash™ line of wet type, low energy particle dust collectors has been continually manufactured since the early 1970’s.  We are proud that our products have withstood over forty years of engineering scrutiny and evaluation; Through the years the Uni-Wash™  label on a wet type dust collector has become synonymous with quality.  Click here to learn more about the Uni-Wash scrub.

Since 1991, ProVent has adopted other product lines such as the Intercept, Tornado, and SideKick.  These products have been engineered with the same high quality standard as the Uni-Wash™ line of dust collectors and have quickly become industry standards for quality built dust containment systems.

In 2006, ProVent opened a new manufacturing facility and headquarters in Harbor Springs, Michigan.  Bringing everyone together in one facility has been very beneficial and began a period of sales growth, production quality and  employee retention.  However, we have not stood idle.  ProVent continues to re-evaluate our product offering and make improvements when there are true benefits to our customers.  Make sure to re-visit our website often to keep up to date on new products and updated designs.

Today, ProVent continues to produce the highest quality dust collection equipment despite an industry trend toward the opposite.  Heavy gauge steel, high quality components, industry leading engineering, and flexibility in design has allowed ProVent to continue its reputation in excellence.

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Legal Name: ProVent, LLC

State of Incorporation: Michigan

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