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Australian Access Federation Limited
Brisbane, QLD, Australia
The Australian Access Federation (AAF) provides the leading solution for access and authentication

The Australian Access Federation (AAF) provides the leading solution for accessing and authenticating online resources and services for delivery to the Australian Education and Research sector.

This is achieved by delivering a secure service enabling the exchange of information between organisations, individuals and service providers of digital resources. The outcome of the AAF’s work facilitates data sharing and collaboration, which benefits end users located within Australian universities and research organisations.

The AAF was initiated by the Council of Australian University Directors of Information Technology (CAUDIT) in December 2008 and seed funded by the Department of Education and Training (the then Department of Industry, Science and Research) in 2009 to provide an access Federation for organisations and institutions which undertake or support education, research, or research and development in Australia.

The Federation, which is the product provided by the AAF is a technology and policy solution that would enable seamless facilitation of users to other institutions, organisations, services and systems. The ‘Federation’ which is the access and authentication service provided by the AAF facilitates this trusted and secure electronic communications between education and research institutions.

Today, AAF is recognised as a vital part of the Australian eResearch infrastructure landscape through the Australian Federal Governments’ National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS[1]) as well as being internationally recognised for enabling similar Federations within New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong.

In 2016 the AAF became the Australian ORCID Consortium Lead, providing technical support and engagement to 40 members including the ARC, NHMRC and Australia’s research institutions including CSIRO.

Today the AAF has 100 organisations connected to the Federation. Operating as a sustainable not-for-profit, Federation users are provided access to teaching and learning resources as well as research services connecting and enabling access to over one million end-users.

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