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Miyake Ceramics Co., Ltd.
土岐市, 岐阜県, Japan
We are located in the most popular region of ceramic industry, Toki-city, Japan.
JAPAN QUALITY WITH PRIDE Located in the region of ceramics industry, Toki-city Japan, we have been doing ceramics tableware business for more than 65 years.

As Japanese foods are well accepted worldwide, we are expanding our exporting business to Sushi Restaurants all over the world, and now we can provide you not only ceramics tablewares, but also woodenware, glassware, kitchen tools, and even foods, which are necessary for Japanese restaurants.

Sometimes it's really tough to do business smoothly with overseas companies, but we have tons of experience and know how to make the process without struggle for you. We welcome wholesaler, hotels & restaurants, retail store, and professional chefs.

Bunten-kiln: Miyake Ceramics' BUNTEN-KILN can do a special firing; In-Glaze. By using In-Glaze technique, designs sink into the glass material on the surface of porcelain so that the design will never be peeled off from the tableware. This firing also ensures “no harmful”. (Please note that our paints do not contain any heavy metal, such as cadmium and lead, testified by public organization. A certificate can be issued at your request.)

  • Food Export: We have variety of foods to export. Looking for tasty Japanese foods? Ask us!
  • Chefs: Chefs can get remarkable discount when they buy our fine selection of knives. Ask us for more details! Individual chef? No problem, just contact us!
  • Wholesalers & Restaurants: Quantity discount is available and we price much or even give you lower price - and remember that our products are better than others.
  • Catalogs: If you need tangible catalog, we ship it to you. Please contact us and let us know how many you need.

Business Info
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Type of Org: Corporation

Business Type: Broker, Contractor/Consultant, Distributor/Wholesaler, Sales Agent/Manufacturer's Representative, Producer

Year Founded: 1951

Revenue: $500M to $1B USD

Employees: 35

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Product and Service Categories
  • Global
  • Food preparation equipment
  • Food and beverage dispensing equipment
  • Cooking and warming equipment
  • Restaurant furniture
  • Domestic kitchen tools and utensils
  • Cookware and kitchen tools
  • Storage and handling equipment and supplies
  • Domestic flatware and cutlery
  • Domestic drink ware
  • Domestic dishes and servingware and storage containers
  • Domestic cookware
  • Tabletop and serving equipment
  • Domestic bakeware
  • Dishwashing and dish storage accessories
  • Wholesale Distribution
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