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Infinite Media, Inc.
Danvers, MA, United States
Graphic design, direct response marketing, photography, videography, and print production.
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At Infinite Media, we love what we do. Every day we get to work with passionate, talented people to help good companies connect with their customers. We find joy in delivering creative, effective work and building relationships based on trust, attentiveness and success. Through every interaction with each of our clients, we take pride in listening well, being flexible and responding quickly, all with an optimistic and energetic attitude.
Founded in 1993 by a husband and wife team, Infinite Media is an independently-owned corporate and marketing communications company.  Over the course of our 23-year history we’ve created in just about every medium, working with B2C and B2B clients in a wide range of industries. We have worked in depth within the insurance, financial, energy and telecommunications industries, as well as in education, travel, entertainment, food service, retail, healthcare and real estate. Our team possess the skills and experience to provide high-level branding and marketing strategy, a comprehensive offering of creative services, and deliberate tactical planning and execution for everything from print production to event management.
Our complete list of services includes:
  • Strategic Planning                    
  • Brand Creation & Development                    
  • Identity & Collateral Materials
  • Print & Broadcast Advertising
  • Out-of-Home & Point-of-Purchase                    
  • Direct Mail
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Branded Content
  • Videography & Photography
  • Animation
  • Event Planning
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Form Design and Management
  • Language Translation                    
  • Digital Printing and Binding
    Our deepest and strongest expertise lies within graphic design, direct response marketing, photography, videography, and print production.                    
    Our founder and chief creative officer, Nancy Parshley, is a visual artist by both passion and training, so our proficiency in graphic design goes back to before our founding. So naturally, visual design principles and an appreciation of purposeful aesthetics play a fundamental role in virtually every project we undertake. In creating a new brand identity, a cohesive collateral system or a website, this expertise is on full display, but it also guides video and photo shoots, event logistics and even complex form production.                    
    Direct response marketing, too, has been at the core of our business since our earliest days—especially direct mail and print advertising. From singular mailers and inserts for retail banking to extended, integrated campaigns for business energy services, we possess a particularly deep expertise in reaching out to customers, catching their attention, and driving desired actions.                    
    We most frequently deploy our videography and photography services for foundational brand storytelling and customer testimonials. We focus  on capturing authentic stories and personalities in a honest, but polished and compelling way. Our positive energy and warm approach ensures we can capture subjects at their natural best, and our post-production skills deliver perfection and critical consistency.                    
    Hand in hand with our expertise in graphic design and direct mail, our specialization in meticulous print production has long been a hallmark of our agency. From postcards and letter packages, to elegant invitations and complex mailers, to sophisticated collateral and creative point-of-purchase, we’ve successfully navigated every aspect of the prepping, proofing, printing, and assembling process.                              
    Our key competitive advantage is our personal investment in everything we do. It’s a company-wide commitment that begins and ends with the dedication, passion and energy of our founders, Nancy and Joe Parshley. For them, even 23 years later, Infinite Media is still a dream come true and every aspect of every project for every client deserves their full, inexhaustible attention. We love what we do and we work without ego every day for the success of our clients. We are always responsive and accessible, we commit ourselves fully to becoming part of your team, and we work as hard as anyone you’ll ever meet to ensure your satisfaction.                              
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Legal Name: Infinite Media, Inc.

State of Incorporation: Massachusetts

Type of Org: Corporation

Business Type: Service Provider

Year Founded: 1993

Revenue: $1M to $5M USD

Employees: 8

  • Diversity: Women-Owned Business
Ship-to or Service Locations
Product and Service Categories
  • Bermuda
  • United States
  • Canada
  • Advertising agency services
  • Art design or graphics
  • Print advertising
  • Art design services
  • Printed publications
  • Layout or graphics editing services
  • Computer generated design services
  • Poster advertising
  • Creative writing
  • Magazine advertising
  • Billboard advertising
  • Package design services
  • Studio photography services or still photographs
  • Newspaper advertising
  • Photographers and cinematographers
  • Chart or graph design services
  • Technical writing
  • Brand or Logo Design Services
  • Non technical writing
  • Transit advertising services
  • Photocomposition
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Consumer Products
  • Financial Services & Banking
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Insurance
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications
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Tufts Medical Center
Healthcare  |  Length of Relationship: 1 to 3 years  |  17 Jan 2017
Nancy Parshley and the Infinite Media Team has provided excellent service since I started working with them in February 2016. New to the Tufts Medical Center Team, Nancy was very pro-active in getting me up to speed with our annual Open Enrollment materials project, filling me in on the process and timeline. Infinite is super flexible in meeting our deadlines with very quick turn around times, not to mention great graphics and design. Other departments at the hospital always mention how great our communications are. I cannot imagine working with another company. Thank you! Highly recommended.
Harborside Sotheby's Internati...
Financial Services & Banking  |  Length of Relationship: More than 5 years  |  28 Mar 2017
I have worked with the Infinite Media team for over 15 years. I have used their services and expertise on strategic marketing projects, direct mail promotions, brand awareness, customer engagement and digital media. My experience with Infinite Media has been very positive. They complete projects on time and on budget and go above and beyond when it comes to providing outstanding customer service. There were many occasions when the Infinite Media team worked over time including coming in early, staying late and even working over the weekend in order to meet a deadline. Whether it was the simple task of designing a business card or a complex online marketing project the Infinite Media team would give it their full attention, energy, enthusiasm and expertise to make sure it met our objectives. The Infinite Media team made my job as a marketing executive a lot easier and most definitely a lot more enjoyable.
Delaware Life
Financial Services & Banking  |  Length of Relationship: 1 to 3 years  |  17 Jan 2017
Since becoming Director of Marketing at Delaware Life 15 months ago, I have worked closely with Nancy and Infinite Media on numerous projects. These included multiple product launches, creation of a new customer service program for top financial advisors, and redesign and rebranding of all our materials. Nancy and her team have consistently produced attractive, effective designs under deadline pressure. They are able to create innovative designs that address our goals and target markets, which tend to be on the conservative side. The rebranding project has resulted in materials that have been very positively received both in and outside the company because Nancy and crew listened and understood our needs. I would absolutely recommend Infinite Media to anyone in marketing who needs on-target creativity, particularly in a financial services business.
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