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Hothouse Design Pty Ltd
Prahran, Victoria, Australia
Experts in turning data into diagrams & production of volume graphics ie t/tables & notifications.
Hothouse Design is a multi-faceted design company with a range of specialties built around a core capability of designing data smarter. Here are some of our success stories:
Road Schematics              
Our road schematics have become the industry standard in Australia. They are used by transport authorities around Australia in Intelligent Transport Systems such as STREAMS to manage the complexity of traffic congestion.      
Road schematics are diagrams that show the way a freeway works. We have developed a visual language for intersections that allows us to transform the detail of road design into a format that is immediately understandable. This enables operators to manage traffic and emergencies with a full understanding of the road design and its limits.      
Starting with the Monash Freeway in Melbourne for VicRoads our road schematics are now used by Transport Authorities in Tasmania, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia.      
Monash Energy Project      
Identifying the core message for communication is the heart of effective engagement. We have created many presentations explaining complex concepts.      
Engineers on the project had a problem explaining information to government, a time poor and non-technical audience. To help explain their proposal we translated their very technical presentation into simple, effective diagrams. This expedited the government’s decision-making process. We knew we succeeded when the Engineers told us ‘they understood it’.

We have successfully employed the same process with other clients to explain clean coal production, road and freeway design changes, railway-cutting limitations and the tax deductible status of charities.    
Blackburn, Heatherdale, Ginifer and St Albans Level Crossing Removal Projects    
Leightons/CPB, Communications Team need an effective way to explain the reason for the increased depth of the railway cutting at Blackburn to local residents and businesses.    
Our role was to translate ‘engineering speak’ into ‘general public speak’. We created a simple cross section diagram explaining the necessity, logic and the reasons behind the engineering decision. This helped local residents and business owners understand the projects complexity and its need. This is one of many ways we help clients tell their stories in a simple, relatable visual way.    
Using design to improve business outcomes    
We support our customers with every project to find the most cost effective and productive methodology to work with. Our company is grounded in Japanese productivity principles which we learnt working in automotive manufacturing. We provide clients with a cost effective route to achieving their outcomes using proven, robust processes.    
An example of helping staff increase their productivity and reduce costs is the implementation of collaborative editing technology for document production. This vests control with the teams and enables them to make informed decisions about content whilst editing changes quickly in house. This results in faster turnaround and improved budget management.    
Our clients include private enterprise, government and regulatory authorities and include Metro Trains (formerly Connex Trains and Hillside Trains), CPB (formerly Leightons), Public Transport Victoria, Victorian Transport Association, Monash Energy, VicRoads, Office of Public Prosecutions, Commissioner for Privacy and Data Protection. We work across multiple industry sectors: transport and logistics, infrastructure build and maintain, public transport, oil and gas exploration and production.    
How we work    
Our approach is collaborative – it has to be. The nature of your projects means we have to find the sum of your expertise and ours. We work with you to ensure you achieve the best possible outcome.
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Business Type: Service Provider

Year Founded: 1991

Revenue: $1M to $5M USD

Employees: 4

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  • Art design or graphics
  • Print advertising
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  • Sales and business promotion activities
  • Graphic display services
  • Printed publications
  • Layout or graphics editing services
  • Trade shows and exhibits
  • Computer generated design services
  • Poster advertising
  • Creative writing
  • Promotional material or annual reports
  • Newspaper advertising
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  • Instruction writing services
  • Electronic publications and music
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  • Technical diagrams or drawings
  • Electronic Software reference material
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  • Electronic software documentation or user manuals
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  • Public Sector
  • Service Provider
  • Transportation & Storage
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