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Jeddah, 53098, Saudi Arabia
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Our company's strength is built on a well experienced and knit cohesive team of qualified personnel with relevant experience in all disciplines in Engineering, Procurement, Project and Construction management, Quality, Commercial and Financial matters.                                                                                                                  


ASSM aim to immediate deliver and serve the country with high tech multi-national company experienced personnel of 15-20 years in the industry sector of water, waste water, Cement, Petrochemical, oil& gas and Food & Beverage.                                                                                                                                            


We posses  


v      Streamlined and established systems and procedures                                                                                                                  


v      Successful track record of installations                                                                                                                  


v      Adequate financial strength to manage cash flows                                                                                                                  


We focus on the customer satisfaction by providing quality and efficient services. We implement and maintain a quality system that fulfills the requirements of the international quality standards.                                                                                                                                             


We provide total solution in every industry sector with using equipment from well reputed companies of European, Japanese, Korean and American origin.  


Our highly qualified team having complete knowledge of all processes, not only provide solution but add on enhancement in process which increases your production, save time and reduce cost which results in your profit and growth.

We provide Totally Integrated solutions for your process using state of art SCADA, DCS, PLC, ESD and Fail Safe Systems                                                                                                                
We provide of solutions in following industry sector;                                                                                                                
    Oil Field & Refineries                                                                                                                                            
    Steel Industry                                                                                                                                            
    Cement Industry                                                                                                                                            
    Power Utilities                                                                                                                                            
    Tank Farms                                                                                                                                            
    Food & Beverage Industry                                                                                                                                            
    Building Management System                                                                                                                                            
Business Info
Legal & Fiscal

Type of Org: Corporation

Business Type: Contractor/Consultant, Distributor/Wholesaler, Sales Agent/Manufacturer's Representative, Service Provider, System Integrator, Utilities

Year Founded: 2008

Revenue: $5M to $10M USD

Employees: 20

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Product and Service Categories
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Qatar
  • Development software
  • Data management and query software
  • Industry specific software
  • Computers
  • Content management software
  • Security and protection software
  • Computer accessories
  • Computer printers
  • Datacom and network connectivity installation devices and equipment
  • Computer displays
  • Network security equipment
  • Finance accounting and enterprise resource planning ERP software
  • Network applications software
  • Electrical boxes and enclosures and fittings and accessories
  • Network service equipment
  • Network management software
  • Electrical cable and accessories
  • Networking software
  • Electrical hardware and supplies
  • Switches and controls and relays and accessories
  • Information exchange software
  • Computer data input devices
  • Operating environment software
  • Media storage devices
  • Electrical lugs plugs and connectors
  • Automation control connectivity devices
  • Computer display accessories
  • Computer data input device accessories
  • Fixed network equipment and components
  • Distribution and Control centers and accessories
  • Content authoring and editing software
  • Telephony equipment
  • Electrical safety devices and accessories
  • Pumps
  • Digital mobile network infrastructure equipment and components
  • Media storage device accessories
  • Personal communication devices
  • Lamps and lightbulbs
  • Removable storage media
  • Electrical wire
  • Programmable logic controllers
  • Chassis components
  • Optical network devices
  • Electrical variable speed drives
  • Removable storage media accessories
  • Power conditioning equipment
  • Audio and visual equipment
  • Utility and device driver software
  • System Cards
  • Electronic component parts and raw materials and accessories
  • Personal communications device accessories or parts
  • System boards processors interfaces or modules
  • Control indicating and signaling devices
  • Safety control devices
  • Educational or reference software
  • Pump parts and accessories
  • Programmable logic controller subsystems
  • Lamp components and accessories
  • Telephony equipment accessories
  • Lamp ballasts and lamp transformers
  • Compressors
  • Sub assemblies for electronic devices
  • Wiring harness
  • Mobile messaging platforms
  • Digital subscriber loop DSL access equipment and components and accessories
  • Wire raceways conduit and busways
  • Computer game or entertainment software
  • Wire protection devices
  • Wire markers and wire marking devices
  • Electrical equipment software
  • Audio visual equipment accessories
  • Intelligent Building Installations IBI
  • Power generation control equipment
  • Batteries and cells and accessories
  • Power generators
  • Electric alternating current AC motors
  • Power plants
  • Electric direct current DC motors
  • Circuit assemblies and radio frequency RF components
  • Semiconductor devices
  • Capacitors
  • Power generation monitoring or detecting equipment
  • Integrated circuits
  • Teletype equipment
  • Telegraph equipment
  • Motor or generator components
  • Resistors
  • Diodes
  • Transistors
  • Engines
  • Discrete components
  • Engine components and accessories
  • Drive components
  • Exhaust structures or screening equipment
  • Non electric motors
  • Internal combustion engine components
  • Industrial braking systems
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Agriculture & Mining
  • Automotive
  • Building Materials, Clay & Glass
  • Chemicals
  • Consumer Products
  • Engineering & Construction
  • Financial Services & Banking
  • Forest Products & Paper
  • Furniture
  • Healthcare
  • High Tech & Electronics
  • Higher Education & Research
  • Hospitality
  • Insurance
  • Media
  • Metal Products
  • Oil & Gas
  • Other
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Primary Metal & Steel
  • Public Sector
  • Retail
  • Service Provider
  • Telecommunications
  • Textiles Production
  • Transportation & Storage
  • Utilities
  • Industrial Machinery & Components
  • Wholesale Distribution
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