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DrinkGP, LLC (dba Garden Party Botanical Hard Soda)
Indianapolis, IN, United States
Award-winning premium flavored malt beverage brand. 100% all-natural, crafted to remove gluten
Garden Party Botanical Hard Soda is a WBE-Certified, award winning, 100% all-natural flavored malt beverage, crafted to remove gluten and with less sugar than the major competitors. Garden Party is produced by Blues City Brewery in Memphis, TN, which also produces Mike's Hard Lemonade and other similar brands. We are designed to scale quickly, with the ability to ship out of our Memphis warehouse to distribution points around the contenential US.

Garden Party comes in two flavors:
Violet - Lemon infused with Lavender and Blackberry (think "sparkling floral lemonade")
Ruby - Ginger infused with pomegranate and hibiscus (think "spicy moscow mule")

In the first nine months after launch, Garden Party Botanical Hard Soda continues to be an innovator in applying the same craft element to the $5 billion Flavored Malt Beverage space that has driven growth in the beer, wine and spirits category over the past 10+ years.

Since our launch, we have hit several milestones, including:  

  • Being the first Indiana beverage brand and one of five new brands of the over 3,000 released to be awarded the Beverage Industry Magazine 2016 Innovation of the Year. Past winners include offerings from Starbucks, Maxwell House, Mountain Dew, Dogfish Head, Tropicana and Malibu Rum. (Note: We did not apply for this award.)  
  • Reaching complete statewide distribution in Indiana within the first nine months after launch, with distribution deals with Miller-Coors distributor Monarch Beverage, Anheuser-Busch distributors ALLCO in Ft. Wayne and Calumet in Hammond, with craft distributor Rhodes Beverage acting as both distributor and broker.  
  • Total sales to date of $385,000   
  • Activation in 29 Central Indiana Kroger locations, 10 Fresh Thyme locations, 17 Strack and Van Til, 3 Target locations, 57 Big Red and a majority of targeted independent retailers.  
  • National media coverage in Bloomberg Businessweek, Gear Patrol, VinePair.com, Brewbound and an upcoming feature in Tasting Table. Local outlets include the current issue of NUVO, multiple appearances on Indy Style, Fox59, WTHR, WISHTV, Indianapolis Business Journal, Indianapolis Star and Indianapolis Monthly.
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Legal Name: DrinkGP, LLC

State of Incorporation: Indiana

Type of Org: Corporation

Business Type: Manufacturer

Year Founded: 2016

Revenue: $100K to $1M USD

Employees: 2

  • Diversity: Women-Owned Business
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