Industrial Hearing Protection                                                       

Hearsafe Australia specialises in custom made hearing protection for a wide variety of workplaces - from factories, warehouses and building sites to airports, fire stations and military bases.                                                                                                                                    


Hearing protection is required in any working environment where the average noise exposure is over 85dB,                                      and our custom made ear plugs provide the correct protection for almost any industry sector.                                                                                                                                    


We have been providing affordable, high quality products and services worldwide to medical,                                                                        


recreational and industrial marketplaces. With repeat performance, we have continually demonstrated a net savings to companies who regularly use disposable grade hearing protection.                                                                        


Our Hearing Protection program can be designed to address multiple concerns such as high noise, radio                                                                        


communications among workers, varying attenuation requirements and ease of maintaining the H.P.P. We look forward to working with you now and for many years to come!