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Public Profile:  |  ANID: AN01398008372  | Last Update: 6 May 2021
DALKEITH, Midlothian, United Kingdom
Suppliers of maps, mapping software, Royal Mail PAF addresses, postcode locations, planning maps.
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XYZ Maps supply maps in both traditional and digital formats, including probably the largest available range of UK postcode maps. We also supply Pitney Bowes MapInfo software, Royal Mail PAF address data and are the UK / Ireland Sole Distributors for Avenza Systems MAPublisher, Geographic Imager and Avenza Maps software.

We can supply custom maps for sales territories, franchise areas, etc plus very large maps up to 7 metres wide or more.

We also supply OS maps for planning applications.
Business Info
Legal & Fiscal

Type of Org: Limited company

Business Type: Contractor/Consultant, Manufacturer, Service Provider, Value Added Reseller

Year Founded: 1998

Revenue: $100K to $1M USD

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Product and Service Categories
  • Global
  • Mapping
  • Mailing list management service
  • Charts or maps or atlases
  • Map production
  • Addressing service
  • Map creation software
  • Electronic charts or maps or atlases
  • Geography and map skills resources and accessories
  • Historical maps
  • Map teaching aids or materials
  • Consumer Products
  • Forest Products & Paper
  • Healthcare
  • Higher Education & Research
  • Insurance
  • Media
  • Other
  • Public Sector
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation & Storage
  • Utilities
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