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De Wijk, Drenthe, Netherlands
We produce sausages from beef in a sheep casing. Great pure taste, package with all tastes available
Description offers you locally produced beef sausages in different flavors. Beef sausages made from 100% beef meat in a sheep casing. Minimum of salt is added for health reasons. For the rest we rely on herbs and the meat. Currently we offer 8 different flavors:

- whiskey sausage
- cola (tm) sausage
- mustard sausage
- japaleno cheese sausage
- sweet summer saugage (based on oregano herbs)
- spicey paprika sausage
- chili sausage
- french cheese sausage

Sausages are made locally with local products.
Sausage weight can be chosen from 25 - 150 grams and length of 5 - 15cm.
Special sausage flavors can be produced on request.

A set of all flavors is also available for ordering. This consists of 8 flavors, each flavor 4 sausages from 25 grams. Ideal size for fingerfood and tasting purposes.

Look forward to doing business!
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Type of Org: Eenmanszaak

Business Type: Manufacturer

Year Founded: 2019

Revenue: $50K to $100K USD

Employees: 1

Stock Ticker: Euro

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