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Oneida Recherche Services
Valbonne, France
ORS offers Gas Analysis, Hermeticity and Outgassing Characterization services to the industry.
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Oneida Recherche Services is an independent Testing Laboratory founded in 1994 as the result of a Technology Transfer from ORS USA to serve the European market. Over the years, ORS has developed a recognized expertise in the area of Low Molecular Weight Gas Analysis by Mass Spectrometry
Overview of Analytical Services  
Internal Vapor Analysis (IVA®) of hermetic packages, bags, vials and process gasses provide the user a means to monitor and control the internal moisture and gas composition of high reliability devices from Research & Development to Production. It is also a valuable tool in Failure Analysis investigations. ORS test method extends the scope and capability of Residual Gas Analysis (RGA) as described in Mil-Std 883, TM 1018 ‘IGA – Internal Gas Analysis’. ORS has been granted Commercial Laboratory Suitability Status by the American DLA Land and Maritime for the qualification of hermetically sealed packages per Mil-Std-883 and Mil-Std-750, TM 1018.
Historically, IVA® (also referred to as RGA) analysis has been used by the Defense, Military and Aerospace industries to improve the reliability of hermetically sealed microelectronic devices. Since then the scope of the technique has widened and it is now largely accepted by the Telecommunication, Optoelectronic, Frequency, Medical and Lighting industries.
Hermeticity testing, also known as Fine and Gross Leak testing, detects and measures the leak rates (atm·cc/s Helium or other tracer gas) of hermetically sealed packages. ORS has developed the HSHLD® (High Sensitivity Helium Leak Detector) to perform Combined Helium/Oxygen Dry Gross Leak, and Helium Fine Leak (Mil-Std-883, TM1014, Condition A5) down to 1E-11 atm·cc/s Helium leak rate. Specialized hermeticity techniques may also be used to locate the leak site and investigate its origin.
Material Outgassing Characterization testing is a powerful technique used for the identification and quantitation of outgassed organic compounds evolved from a wide range of materials and sealed packages.
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Type of Org: SARL

Business Type: Gas Analysis and Leak Testing Services

Year Founded: 1994

Revenue: $1M to $5M USD

Employees: 6

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