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Supplier Profile
Public Profile:  http://discovery.ariba.com/profile/AN01458232086  |  ANID: AN01458232086  | Last Update: 9 Oct 2019
Quimivita, S.A
Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
Manufacturer and distributor of Labware, Life Science and Chemical reactives.Taylormade services.
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Líder en el mercado en sel sector de suministro de labware, Life Science y Reativos químicos desde 1964.
Producimos, envasamos y representamos a terceros así como distribuimos productos de Labware, Life sciences y reactivos químicos de la marca Carl Roth. Estamos especializados en instrumentación de primeras marcas referentes a nivel mundial, tales como kyowa, Silverson, coplay, entre otras, referentes en sus sectores. Háganos llegar sus necesidades.  
We have over 50 years of  history. Quimivita is a successful company that provides solutions to food, labware instrumentation, chemicals and pharma industries.   
We produce, package and represent third parties, as well as distribute Carl Roth brand products. We are also specialists in leading laboratory instruments such as Kyowa, Silverson, Coplay, among others, referents in their sectors. Let us know what you need and we'll be glad to help.
Quimivita es una empresa integral que da soluciones a varios segmentos del mercado. Producimos , envasamos y representamos a terceros así como distribuimos productos de Labware , Life sciences y reactivos químicos de la marca Carl Roth. Estamos especializados en instrumentación de primeras marcas referentes a nivel mundial, tales como kyowa , Silverson , coplay , entre otras , referentes en sus sectores. Háganos llegar sus necesidades .
Business Info
Legal & Fiscal

Type of Org: Corporation

Business Type: Distributor/Wholesaler, Manufacturer, Service Provider, Value Added Reseller

Year Founded: 1964

Revenue: $10M to $50M USD

Employees: 60

  • ISO: ISO 9001 Certified (Quality Management), ISO 14001 Certified (Environmental Management)
Ship-to or Service Locations
Product and Service Categories
  • Andorra
  • Luxembourg
  • Lithuania
  • Liechtenstein
  • Italy
  • Greece
  • Gibraltar
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Spain
  • Estonia
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Vatican City
  • San Marino
  • Slovenia
  • Portugal
  • Netherlands
  • Malta
  • Belgium
  • Monaco
  • Hydrocarbonated solvents
  • Protein expression products
  • Laboratory filtering equipment and supplies
  • Oxygenated solvents
  • Laboratory sieves and sifting equipment and supplies
  • Laboratory washing and cleaning equipment
  • Laboratory furnaces and accessories
  • Primers and linkers and adaptors
  • Crystallography equipment
  • Laboratory freeze dryers and lyopholizers and accessories
  • Laboratory ovens and accessories
  • Laboratory pumps and tubing
  • Fluid mechanics equipment
  • Laboratory slide stainer equipment and accessories
  • Laboratory environmental conditioning equipment
  • Vectors
  • Laboratory electrophoresis and blotting system and supplies
  • Laboratory enclosures and accessories
  • Nucleic acid extraction and purification and quantitation kits and components
  • Polymerase chain reaction PCR and reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction RT PCR products
  • Animal laboratory equipment and accessories
  • Laboratory incubating equipment
  • Microorganism propagation and transformation media and kits and equipment
  • Laboratory baths
  • Deoxyribonucleic acid DNA sequencing products
  • Laboratory mixing and stirring and shaking equipment and supplies
  • Laboratory entomological equipment and accessories
  • Laboratory blending and dispersing and homogenizing and mixing and stirring equipment
  • Gene arrays
  • Laboratory centrifuges and accessories
  • In vitro transcription and translation products
  • Histology equipment
  • Sampling equipment
  • Laboratory decanting and distilling and evaporating and extracting equipment and supplies
  • Laboratory electron and solid state physics equipment
  • Libraries and related materials
  • Specimen collection and transport containers and supplies
  • Fermentation equipment
  • Laboratory cooling equipment
  • Laboratory ionic equipment
  • Nucleic acid labeling and detection systems
  • Laboratory water purification equipment and supplies
  • Laboratory heating and drying equipment
  • Deoxyribonucleic acid DNA analysis kits
  • Automotive
  • Chemicals
  • Consumer Products
  • Healthcare
  • High Tech & Electronics
  • Metal Products
  • Oil & Gas
  • Other
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Primary Metal & Steel
  • Public Sector
  • Retail
  • Service Provider
  • Utilities
  • Industrial Machinery & Components
  • Wholesale Distribution
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Healthcare  |  Length of Relationship: 3 to 5 years  |  6 Aug 2019
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