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Saudi Academy Training Institute
Dammam, Ash Sharqiyah, Saudi Arabia
Saudi Academy is a training services provider. We do Languages,Management, Vocational,IT training.


Saudi Academy        


Saudi Academy is a training services provider which has contributed to the welfare of the international community as well as Saudi Arabia since 1983. Our centers are scattered around Riyadh and the Eastern Province for both language and vocational training; our services are available for individuals as well as the employees of companies and factories all over the world.         

We are proud to have made great contributions over the last three decades to the development of different academics.         


We offer:         



·           English Training,                    


·           Business Management,                          


·           Vocational Training,                                 


·           IT                                  


·           Manpower                                


·           International Accreditation                                 


·           Consultancy                                 

Our main goal is to provide our customers with costeffective, high quality and value training programs in a timely manner. We exert the most we can in our efforts to maintain the same quality and value compared to the international standards in education and training.  

Our Vision:        


   We aim at being the leading educational institution in Saudi Arabia.          


Our Mission:        


   Saudi Academy commits itself to provide the highest quality possible to offer in training and educational services for both individuals and organizations.        


   Our Objectives:        


   The essence of our work is "Community Driven...Learner Centered." Consistent with this mission and vision, the Saudi Academy Management is committing its effort towards the implementation of the following policies:         


The Commitment to Quality Policy: this policy outlines the Academy management’s commitment to ensuring that the Academy continuously deliver quality programs and services, and establishes indicators to be used in monitoring quality.                                                   


The Program Success Policy: it highlights the Management’s commitment to the program's success and establishes indicators to be used in monitoring all activities' progress.                                   


  Our Values      

   Pride: We are proud of our work, and we strive to reach personal and professional excellence; we appreciate and reward individual and group initiatives.                                


   Quality: We guarantee that our services and their outcomes follow the highest quality standards in teaching and training; it is important to note that it is suitable to all training environments no matter how much change there is in the nature of the content.                                


   Respect: We respect and appreciate one another.  We act in a confident, complementary and firm way.                                


   Service: We focus thoroughly on the needs of our customers since we are fully aware that improvin our services relies on our commitment to develop ourselves and stress our sense of responsibility.                              


   Our Staff Members:         


   We support our cooperative work environment and our strong teams in various ways; we act as such out of our ethics which hold high the virtues of transparency and honesty.         

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Type of Org: Sole Proprietorship

Business Type: Service Provider

Year Founded: 1983

Revenue: $1M to $5M USD

Employees: 60

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  • Saudi Arabia
  • In service training and manpower development
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  • Scientific vocational training services
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