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InPhase Integrity
Tehkummah, ON, Canada
INPHASE is a proudly Canadian-owned full service NDT company located in Fergus, Ontario, Canada

INPHASE is a proudly Canadian-owned company with our head office located in Fergus, Ontario, Canada.

At INPHASE we specialize in next generation inspection applications utilizing state-of-the-art Phased Array (PA), Full Matrix Capture (FMC) techniques in conjunction with Total Focusing Method (TFM), Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD), forward and back diffraction including practical/applicable conventional ultrasonic methods.

Complementing technologies include Conformable Eddy Current Array (ECA), and Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM), these complementary inspection methods grant the potential of data fusion as a practical solution.

We also offer level III services that include the development of client specific procedures, techniques, reporting documents, QC protocol.  We will see you through any approval processes including: qualification, client approval, demonstration, regulatory approval, and training.

We supply knowledgeable integrity assessment professionals who understand the underlying need for asset assessment and what clients require from the data collected. Our data collection protocols will align with client specific requirements, follow any regulatory requirements, and include industry best practices.  The data collected will always be presented in a professional format and aligned with our customers’ requirements.

Our goal as a company is to have a positive impact on our industry by providing a higher standard of service while refusing to compromise safety and quality.

We invite you to consider our team the “INPHASE Team” as a solution provider.

We are here to help.

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