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Peregrine Aerial Surveys Inc.
Abbotsford, BC, Canada
Peregrine provides aerial photography for surveying purposes using both cameras and lidar.
Contractor Profile   Incorporated in 2011, Peregrine Aerial Surveys Inc. offers highly-capable and reliable aerial survey and mapping services. We have the equipment, expertise and personnel to complete all aspects of a given contract, from initial flight planning through flight acquisition and aerial triangulation.  
  Area of Operations Peregrine provides service throughout North and Central America and the Caribbean, from the Arctic Ocean to Panama, and from the West Coast to the East Coast of North America.   
  Camera Due in part to a smaller pixel size (3.9µm), the DMC3 is capable of acquiring very accurate data with less building lean compared to other sensors. As an example, for a GSD of 10 cm we are flying much higher than previously (2300m - approximately 7700 feet). This capability also means that a larger area can be captured in a single photo at the same GSD, reducing flight time and production costs while increasing the accuracy of the final product.
Aircraft   Peregrine Aerial Surveys currently operates four Piper Navajos. These aircraft are IFR-capable and can cruise at approximately 175 knots (320 km/hr) with a range of 6 hours or 950 nautical miles (1,760 km).

We have obtained approval for all of our modifications to, and sensor installations in, our aircraft as per Transport Canada regulations CAR 521.152 (STC’s). Without this approval, such changes to aircraft invalidate the Certificate of Airworthiness and therefore the insurance coverage. The approval also ensures that the equipment and aircraft can be operated normally without damage. Our commitment to safety separates us from the majority of providers.   
           Our STC’s include:  

·          Long Range Fuel Tanks  

·          Gross Weight Increase  

·          Sensor Hole Cut-Out  

·          Sensor Installation (if required)  

IMU and GPS   We use a NovAtel SPAN LCI-100C GNSS/IMU System. The LCI-100C IMU system consists of three Fiber Optic Gyros (FOG), one B-290 accelerometer triad and a processor module. With an Angular Random Walk of only 0.012 deg/√hr, we can stay on-line longer, therefore reducing the number of turns and saving flight time on large projects.

Personnel   Peregrine currently employs five pilots, two administrators, a camera operator, a ground control crew and a photo processor. All staff members are cross-trained to ensure complete support for the needs of other team members.   

Key personnel are:  

1)       President: Paul Gagnon  

2)       Operations Manager and Chief Pilot: Chris Dixon  

3)       Office Manager: Rachel Dixon  

4)       Data Manager: RJ Rogers  

5)       Pilots: Paul Gagnon, Chris Dixon, Dan Barrington, Evan Hunter, Nathan Erlandson, Raymond Schultz  

6)       Person Responsible for Maintenance: Andrew Heringer  

7)       Camera Operators: Keith Gagnon, Raymond Schultz  

8)       Accountant: Jeanette Sasges  

Paul has been president of Peregrine since its inception in 2011. He is a commercial pilot, and has more than 1500 hours of aerial survey experience.   

Chris has over 12,000 hours of flight time and has an excellent reputation in the aviation community for his honesty and work ethic. He has owned and operated aviation business for decades, ranging from flight schools to scheduled passenger and cargo operations. Chris’ experience ensures that we operate safely and efficiently, with as little downtime as possible.   

Rachel Dixon has been performing flight planning and quoting for over five years, along with other office-based tasks. She ensures that all of our flights are planned to maximize efficiency and ensures complete coverage of the AOI at the requested resolution. Rachel is our clients’ main point of contact from initial RFP and proposal stages right through to invoicing and follow-up.  

RJ Rogers is our data processor and has focused on post-acquisition data processing to ensure accurate, on-time delivery of a product that consistently exceeds customers’ expectations. He has been with the company for over five years and has an excellent eye for image quality and colouring.
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Type of Org: Corporation

Business Type: Service Provider

Year Founded: 2011

Revenue: $1M to $5M USD

Employees: 11

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