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Public Profile:  |  ANID: AN11126870548  | Last Update: 5 Oct 2022
GreenDreamCompany B.V.
Green Initiative
Zaltbommel, Gelderland, Netherlands
GreenDreamCompany organises worldwide cultural area developments in the leisure and tourism industry

We organise worldwide cultural area developments in the leisure and tourism industry from idea to design, realisation and exploitation based on your demands.

With our Cultural Experience Park® brands, we preserve your country’s cultural heritage from getting lost.                                  

We do this through an exciting, meaningful theme park experience where your cultural stories, tales and legends will be transformed into adventurous and magical attractions.

With such a park, inhabitants learn more about their country; tourists gain knowledge about the country they visit, and the diaspora discovers their roots and cultural identity.

We do this with respect for people, culture and nature.

Business Info
Legal & Fiscal

Type of Org: B.V.

Business Type: Contractor/Consultant, Service Provider, IP-owner

Year Founded: 2007

Revenue: $1M to $5M USD

Employees: 5

  • Green Initiative: Transportation, Plan, Products & Services, Energy
  • Diversity: Women-Owned Business
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Product and Service Categories
  • Gelderland
  • Theme parks
  • Tourist attractions
  • Amusement parks
  • Engineering & Construction
  • Hospitality
  • Media
  • Other
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