Substation Capacitor Banks

Substation Capacitor Banks
Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Posted On:  14 Sep 2021
Open for bidding on:  14 Sep 2021
Response Deadline:  4 Nov 2021 2:00 PM PDT
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Opportunity Amount: $1M to $5M USD
Contract Length: 36 months
Response Deadline: 4 Nov 2021 2:00 PM PDT
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Award Date: 6 Dec 2021
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Posting Type: Request for Information
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*** Documents should be available on Thursday, September 16, 2021 ***

SMUD is requesting bids to establish a three-year (with a possibility of an additional two-year extension) agreement with a substation capacitor bank supplier to support SMUD personnel with a reliable and continuous supply of capacitor banks.   

The principal objective of this procurement is the vendor’s ability to deliver quality substation capacitor banks to SMUD in an expeditious and efficient manner at the most economical overall cost to SMUD.    

SMUD’s estimate for this work is $3,500,000  

Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs):  

SMUD may request to hold quarterly business reviews during the contract term to monitor and review key performance indicators (KPIs), plan for joint process improvement efforts, and discuss industry trends.  

SMUD expects the Proposer to meet or exceed key performance metrics and to attend these QBRs either virtually or in person, prepare relevant reports and other presentation materials, and present this information to SMUD.    

Performance Metrics:  

·          Maintaining Delivery Schedule  

·          Communication with SMUD on fabrication, shipment, and delivery  

·          ASBUILTS and manuals provided to SMUD and in a timely manner  

·          Quality of product/frequency of the following:  

o    Repairs/tech services  

o    Replacement parts  

o    Sending back to factory  

o    Damage to equipment  

o    Failures after energization  

Failure on the part of the successful Bidder to meet these key performance metrics may have a serious impact on any consideration for future business with SMUD.  

Customer Service:  

SMUD expects any shortage in material supply or plant outage would be communicated to SMUD within 24 hours of the issue being identified.  

Bidder shall identify SMUD-approved support personnel who shall be available during normal business hours for customer service support. Bidder’s support personnel shall be available during normal operating hours to provide onsite support for SMUD, including troubleshooting and training. In some cases, Bidder may be asked to visit SMUD facilities in person to review any issues.  

During emergency crisis, the Bidder will provide support personnel who shall be available during non-business hours to assist in the coordination and delivery of Substation Switchgear to SMUD locations as requested.  

Bidder shall provide such names and contact numbers at the beginning of this contract term and shall be responsible for any updates to these personnel.  

Bidder shall notify SMUD of any changes to the manufacturing locations and shall not proceed with manufacturing until SMUD has approved the new manufacturing location.  


SMUD expects the Bidder to provide regular reports during the contract term to identify and provide updates for any outstanding orders.  


Bidder shall provide SMUD with engineering submittals within 30 days from the time of award and provide drawing submittals within 60 days from the time of award.  

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