Power Transformers for Station B and Station H

Power Transformers for Station B and Station H
Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Posted On:  6 Oct 2021
Open for bidding on:  6 Oct 2021
Response Deadline:  30 Nov 2021 2:00 PM PST
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Opportunity Amount: $3,000,000.00 USD
Contract Length: 24 months
Response Deadline: 30 Nov 2021 2:00 PM PST
(Closed for response)
Award Date: 1 Jan 2022
Posting ID: 11369062(Doc3186272048)
Posting Type: Request for Information
Public Posting: http://discovery.ariba.com/rfx/11369062
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  • Distribution power transformers
  • Control power transformer
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Posting Summary
** RFP Documents should be available to download on 10/12.  Please use Google Chrome. ***

SMUD is requesting proposals to establish a Contract with one or more power transformer suppliers.  SMUD expects to order one power transformer that shall be delivered within one year from final Contract confirmation date, and two additional transformers that shall be delivered within two years from final Contract approval date.   
In additional to building and delivering power transformers according with SMUD’s engineering specifications and drawings, the Contractor shall be responsible for all shipping, drayage, and placing each transformer on SMUD’s designated foundation pad located in Sacramento County, California.  
The Contractor shall also be responsible for onsite assembly, oil processing & filling, and testing the transformer after delivery.  
The principal objective of this procurement is the vendor’s ability to deliver high quality power transformers in an expeditious and efficient manner at the most economical overall cost to SMUD.

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