Lenovo Flex System Chassis and Server

Lenovo Flex System Chassis and Server
Government of Alberta
Very Active Buyer
Posted On:  10 Jan 2022
Open for bidding on:  10 Jan 2022
Response Deadline:  18 Jan 2022 1:00 PM PST
Not Interested
Opportunity Amount: $0.00 USD
Response Deadline: 18 Jan 2022 1:00 PM PST
(Closed for response)
Posting ID: 12067188(Doc3318807471)
Posting Type: Request for Quotation
Public Posting: http://discovery.ariba.com/rfx/12067188
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  • High end computer servers
  • Computer servers
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Posting Summary
Health has a requirement for the supply of Lenovo Flex System Chassis and Servers.

The Government of Alberta does not post budget information. The opportunity does not reflect the Government of Alberta’s actual project estimate.

NOTWITHSTANDING THE ABOVE NOTED RESPONSE DEADLINE TIME, the response deadline time is 14:00 Alberta Time.

Please direct questions to Cassandra Luong at cassandra.luong@gov.ab.ca.

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