Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Posted On:  17 Feb 2022
Open for bidding on:  17 Feb 2022
Response Deadline:  31 Mar 2022 8:45 AM PDT
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Opportunity Amount: $1M to $5M USD
Contract Length: 60 months
Response Deadline: 31 Mar 2022 8:45 AM PDT
(Closed for response)
Award Date: 1 May 2022
Posting ID: 12362848(Doc3374145740)
Posting Type: Request for Information
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Product and Service Categories 
  • Internal audits
  • Year end audits
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Posting Summary
The Proposer shall provide all labor, material, and equipment required to perform the Service described as:            AUDIT SUPPORT SERVICES.Thefirm(s)selectedastheprimeContractor(s)willperformprofessional audit and consulting services andwillhavethestaffcapableofmeetingthescoperequirements.TotheextentthattheContractorlacksspecificexpertiseinanyofthedisciplinesneeded,aprofessionalgroupofsubcontractorsorassociatefirmsmaybeassembledtocomplementtheContractor’stechnicalexpertise.SMUD’s Internal Audit Department isseeking oneormorequalifiedfirmsto assist the internal audit department in conducting audits and consulting services for Information Technology, Operational Technology and Cyber Security.  Projects may also be related to performing operational and compliance audits as well as the administration of the internal audit function.  The services agreement will be task based over a five-year contract term with an option to renew.  Individual task orders will be issued with a specific scope of work and budget authorization.

Questions & Answers
When is the RFP for Audit Support Services expected to be released?  Will the response deadline of March 31, 2022 be extended?
by Seller·3 months ago
Hello.  The RFP was released on February 7.  The deadline was extended to March 31.
by Sacramento Municipal Utility District·3 months ago
How may we obtain the RFI?  Please respond to  Thank you.
Linda Martin
by Seller·4 months ago
The RFP is in approval and will be released shortly.
by Sacramento Municipal Utility District·4 months ago
Is there an official RFP that includes additional information on the needs of Sacramento Municipal Utility District?

Would you expect the providers to help with the risk assessment, establishing the annual audit plan and performing the audits?  Or would the service provider only help with performing the audits?  If the ask is only for performing audits, do you have an estimate of hours per year for performing them? Who would issue the reports, the utility company or the service provider?
by Seller·4 months ago
Hello.  The RFP is in approval to be released shortly.
by Sacramento Municipal Utility District·4 months ago
Good morning, I hope this message finds you well. I'm very interested in learning more about this opportunity. I have lots of experience that fit perfectly your high-level requirements but would need more details in order to present a proposal. Looking forward to hearing from you. Kind regards
by Seller·4 months ago
Hello.  This RFP will be fully released in the coming days.
by Sacramento Municipal Utility District·4 months ago
Good morning. I see the information available still makes reference to a Response Deadline: 24 Mar 2022 8:45 AM PDT. Any news on the RFP from your side? thanks
by Seller·3 months ago