HQ-CSC Elevator Refurbishment

HQ-CSC Elevator Refurbishment
Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Posted On:  28 Apr 2022
Open for bidding on:  28 Apr 2022
Response Deadline:  14 Jun 2022 2:00 PM PDT
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Opportunity Amount: $1M to $5M USD
Contract Length: 18 months
Response Deadline: 14 Jun 2022 2:00 PM PDT
(Closed for response)
Posting ID: 12909986(Doc3467493745)
Posting Type: Request for Information
Public Posting: http://discovery.ariba.com/rfx/12909986
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  • Elevator maintenance services.
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Posting Summary

The Contractor shall furnish all supervision, labor, materials, equipment, and incidentals necessary to accomplish the Work in accordance with the Contract.  The Work generally consists of:  

The existing Dover elevator control systems for all traction and hydraulic elevators being completely removed and replaced with Motion Control Engineering (MCE) control systems. Further scope is as detailed in the Special Conditions section SC-3 “Scope of Work”.

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