RFP_Marketing_Exhibit Services_2022

RFP_Marketing_Exhibit Services_2022
Canada Post Corporation
Active Buyer
Posted On:  24 May 2022
Open for bidding on:  24 May 2022
Response Deadline:  5 Jul 2022 5:52 AM PDT
Not Interested
Opportunity Amount: $10,000.00 to $10,000,000.00 CAD
Contract Length: 60 months
Response Deadline: 5 Jul 2022 5:52 AM PDT
(Closed for response)
Posting ID: 13115602(Doc404006939)
Posting Type: Request for Information
Public Posting: http://discovery.ariba.com/rfx/13115602
Product and Service Categories 
  • Meetings events
  • Auto shows or other exhibits
Ship-to or Service Locations
Posting Summary
This is a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the provision of exhibit/tradeshow services on an as-and-when required basis. Services include:
  • Storage & inventory control management of Canada Post owned exhibit materials (booths, panels, hardware, signs, etc.)
  • Warehousing of Canada Post tradeshow collateral & show premiums
  • New booth production or enhancements to existing booths
  • Maintenance of tradeshow booth graphics & hardware
  • Repairing of inventory if needed
  • Managing all shipping logistics, including international transportation and customs
  • Show services, including the booking of audio-visual equipment, internet connections, additional furnishings and electricity
  • On-site support; and
  • Set-up and tear-down of booths
Canada Post seeks Proposals for an initial term of three (3) years, with up to two (2) renewal terms of one (1) year each.        
RFP Sourcing Event Closing Date & Time: July 5, 2022 @ 2:00 PM EST        
Canada Post Corporation does not post budget information. The opportunity amount listed does not reflect the Corporation’s actual project estimate.        
Participant Information:        
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