RFQ - One 4WD Agricultural Tractor (USED) with Factory Cab

RFQ - One 4WD Agricultural Tractor (USED) with Factory Cab
Government of Nova Scotia
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Posted On:  29 Jun 2022
Open for bidding on:  29 Jun 2022
Response Deadline:  19 Jul 2022 12:29 PM PDT
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Opportunity Amount: $1,500.00 to $99,000,000.00 CAD
Response Deadline: 19 Jul 2022 12:29 PM PDT
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NOTWITHSTANDING THE ABOVE NOTED RESPONSE DEADLINE TIME, the response deadline time is 14:00 Atlantic Time. Proposals must be submitted by the response deadline of 14:00 Atlantic Time; proposals submitted after 14:00 Atlantic Time will be rejected.

The Province of Nova Scotia's Department of Natural Resources and Renewables has the need for the supply and delivery of one used 55 HP, 4WD, agricultural tractor.  The tractor will be used throughout the Province as a secondary tractor when required.   

Response Deadline Time: 14:00 Atlantic Time

Please refer to Ariba Event Content for information.  All questions are to be directed through the Ariba Sourcing Event Message Board.

Note: The Province does not disclose budgetary information

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