Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Posted On:  21 Sep 2022
Open for bidding on:  21 Sep 2022
Response Deadline:  25 Oct 2022 5:00 PM PDT
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Opportunity Amount: $500K to $1M USD
Contract Length: 60 months
Response Deadline: 25 Oct 2022 5:00 PM PDT
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Award Date: 2 Jan 2023
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Posting Type: Request for Information
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  • Environmental monitoring
  • Environmental standards
  • Environmental Impact Assessment EIA services
  • Environmental sciences advisory services
  • Environmental indicators analysis
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Posting Summary
Under the direction of the SMUD contract manager, Contractor will perform the work outlined below.
A.    Review of Existing Environmental Sustainability Plans and Reports                             i.           Contractor will review existing environmental programs and efforts, including:§  2030 Zero Carbon Plan§  2030 Sustainable Operations Plan§  2020 SD-7 Report (Environmental Leadership)§  2020 SD-9 Report (Resource Planning)§  2020 SMUD Sustainability Report§  Headquarters Central Plant Electrification Feasibility Study
B.    Implementation of 2030 Sustainable Operations Plan                            i.           Contractor will support implementation of 2022-2024 tactics identified within the 2030 Sustainable Operations Plan, and 2025-2027 tactics once developed. Contractor will also update the Key Milestones and Tactics Scorecard to track progress. The SMUD Green Team supports implementation of many tactics, but some could be better supported by the Contactor. Tactics the Contractor could support include define reporting boundaries for Scope 3 emissions, create a reduce/reuse campaign, and develop a sustainability awareness training for SMUD employees and recognition program for environmental sustainability leadership.
C.    Update 2030 Sustainable Operations Plan                            i.           Contractor shall update the 2030 Sustainable Operations Plan through developing the next iteration of tactics for implementation during 2025-2027. Contractor will facilitate a brainstorming session with Green Team members to support development of tactics and updating the plan. Incorporating 2025-2027 tactics may involve an update of the 2030 plan.
D.    CDP                            i.           Contractor shall coordinate annual CDP response. SMUD has submitted CDP for 5 years and the Contractor shall utilize previous year’s submittal to identify necessary updates and changes.  Contractor shall provide a CDP process kickoff briefing to approximately 75 SMUD employees and develop an interview structure with subject matter experts (SMEs); in 2022, we held interviews with 10 different work groups. Contractor will review publicly available information on the SMUD website for inclusion in CDP response.  Contractor shall draft CDP interview guides, email questionnaires, and response submittal for review. Assume two rounds of review for the entire response submittal, one initially for the Environmental Services (ES) Manager and Sustainability Lead, and then one following a briefing with the Director and Executive that oversee the Sustainability program.  
E.     CDP Gap Analysis                            i.           Contractor shall conduct a CDP gap analysis and strategize on how to improve or maintain score (if at an A level).  Contractor shall promote activities that contributed to high score in the past and suggest adjustments relative to changes in the CDP assessment and/or emerging technologies.
F.     Evaluate Additional Sustainability Frameworks                            i.           Contractor shall research additional sustainability framework assessment tools and propose one(s) that will allow SMUD to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of its sustainability programs.  SMUD is currently evaluating and considering utilization of Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi).
G.    Conduct Energy Management Program Assessment                            i.           Contractor shall support developing a business case for creating an energy management program.  Elements of this program may include establishing an Energy Use Intensity target, setting an annual reduction goal to be supported by an energy conservation program and energy efficiency projects, creating a commissioning process, and developing an energy manager position to support program implementation.
H.    Scope 3 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Measurement and Reduction                            i.           SMUD has started researching how to measure our Scope 3 Emissions.  Contractor shall review SMUD data against the World Resources Institute (WRI) protocol and support development of SMUD’s Scope 3 assumptions and process to calculate its Scope 3 emissions. Contractor shall assist with developing Scope 3 reduction strategy.
I.       Meetings                            i.           SMUD requires several meetings with the Contractor.  SMUD Sustainability Lead will schedule meetings with Contractor. Please assume one 2-hour kick off meeting following award of the contract and regular 30-minute check-in meetings every other week for the length of the contract.  
J.      Miscellaneous Environmental Sustainability Support                            i.           Provide other environmental sustainability support services as needed

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