Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Posted On:  3 Jan 2023
Open for bidding on:  3 Jan 2023
Response Deadline:  3 Feb 2023 5:00 PM PST
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Opportunity Amount: $1M to $5M USD
Contract Length: 36 months
Response Deadline: 3 Feb 2023 5:00 PM PST
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Award Date: 1 May 2023
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Posting Type: Request for Information
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  • Compensation or benefits planning
  • Labor or union relations
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The Proposer shall provide all labor, material, and equipment required to perform the Service described as:            JOB CLASSIFICATION STUDIES AND LABOR MARKET SURVEYS.The Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) is a community-owned electric utility created on December 31, 1946.  The SMUD service area covers 900 square miles, including California’s capital city, Sacramento County and a small portion of Placer County. With a 1.2 million service-area population and over 600,000 residential and commercial accounts, SMUD is the sixth largest community-owned electric utility in the United States. A seven-member Board of Directors, elected for staggered four-year terms, governs SMUD.  The Board of Directors determines policy for the utility and appoints the General Manager, who is responsible for SMUD’s operations.  SMUD employs approximately 2,200 full-time employees. SMUD is one of the nation’s most dynamic and innovative electric utilities. In addition to competitive rates and outstanding reliability, the utility offers a range of value-added programs and services to its customers.SMUD is seeking proposals from qualified contractors with expertise in classification and compensation to review and analyze existing classification specifications and compensation system; analyze the current duties performed by its employees and ensure classifications performing similar work with essentially the same level of complexity, responsibility, knowledge, skills and abilities are classified appropriately; make recommendations as to appropriate compensation for each position, commensurate with assigned duties; provide justifiable pay differential between individual classes; and determine whether the existing salary and compensation schedule maintains parity with relevant labor markets. SMUD is seeking proposals from qualified contractors with expertise in classification and compensation to 1) conduct job classification studies; 2) Custom Labor Market Surveys of selected job classifications and collect and summarize benefits information for specified job classifications and/or employee groups.  SMUD intends to award one or more contracts to the highest evaluated proposer(s) for a five (5) year period with an option to extend for an additional two (2) years upon agreement of both parties.

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