RFP for NextGen Installation Services

RFP for NextGen Installation Services
Ariba Discovery Buyer
Posted On:  19 Jan 2023
Open for bidding on:  19 Jan 2023
Response Deadline:  17 Feb 2023 5:00 PM PST
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Opportunity Amount: $350,000.00 USD
Contract Length: 24 months
Response Deadline: 17 Feb 2023 5:00 PM PST
(Closed for response)
Award Date: 1 Mar 2023
Posting ID: 15177672(Doc3835451816)
Posting Type: Request for Information
Public Posting: http://discovery.ariba.com/rfx/15177672
Product and Service Categories  (7)
  • Air conditioning installation or maintenance or repair services
  • Manufacturing equipment maintenance services
  • Power quality monitoring
  • Electric power systems installation or service
  • Electronic controls installation
Ship-to or Service Locations
Posting Summary
This contract will cover installation services required by the Legacy and NextGen   
ACLM program. SMUD’s legacy Peak Corps Program is a residential air conditioning   
load management program that provides a summertime resource for emergency   
situations if the need arises. This program began in 1977. Currently, the program has the capacity to reduce demand by 57 MW. The technology supporting this program is reaching the end of its technical life and the program is expected to end before 2030. A new Next Generation Air Conditioning Load Management (NextGen ACLM) program   
is being planned to replace Peak Corp 1-way load control switch technology with updated 2-way load control switches and a new software platform technology.

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