Doc4343452117 - Design, Production and Supply of Electric Trolley Buses

Doc4343452117 - Design, Production and Supply of Electric Trolley Buses
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Posted On:  16 May 2024
Open for bidding on:  16 May 2024
Response Deadline:  6 Sep 2024 4:00 PM PDT
Opportunity Amount: $1,000.00 to $300,000,000.00 CAD
Response Deadline: 6 Sep 2024 4:00 PM PDT
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Posting Summary:

South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority (“TransLink”) is responsible for planning, financing and operating the public transportation system throughout Metro Vancouver. TransLink’s operating companies include Coast Mountain Bus Company Ltd. (CMBC), British Columbia Rapid Transit Company Ltd. (BCRTC) and West Coast Express Ltd. (WCE) and TransLink Security Management Ltd. (TSML). Additional information is available at

Project Summary:

TransLink is seeking proposals for the design, production, supply and delivery of one (1) pilot and up to one hundred-six (106) standard 40-foot electric trolley buses; all as outlined in the Technical Specification and as more fully described in the RFP.
TransLink is also seeking pricing and related information for the following Optional Works;
Option 1 - Up to two hundred one (201) standard 40-foot electric trolley buses; and
Option 2 - One (1) pilot 60-foot articulated electric trolley bus and up to two hundred three (203) 60-foot articulated trolley buses.

Please note TransLink does not disclose its budgetary information.

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Interested Suppliers MUST use the Event Message board function in the Event to send your specific questions to TransLink. This is the ONLY WAY have your questions reviewed by the procurement person in charge of this Event. Suppliers are respectfully asked not to call or contact any personnel at TransLink regarding this ongoing competition process.

Thank you,
TransLink Strategic Sourcing Department

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