RFP - United Kingdom In-Market Representation for Tourism Nova Scotia

RFP - United Kingdom In-Market Representation for Tourism Nova Scotia
Government of Nova Scotia
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Posted On:  12 Nov 2019
Open for bidding on:  12 Nov 2019
Response Deadline:  6 Dec 2019 7:59 PM PST
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Opportunity Amount: $1,500.00 to $99,000,000.00 CAD
Response Deadline: 6 Dec 2019 7:59 PM PST
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This Request for Proposals (the "RFP") is an invitation by the Province of Nova Scotia (the "Province") to prospective proponents to submit proposals for the provision of United Kingdom (UK) In-Market Representation to Tourism Nova Scotia (TNS), as further described in the RFP Particulars (Appendix D) (the "Deliverables"). This RFP is being conducted pursuant to the Nova Scotia Sustainable Procurement Policy and Procurement Manual.  
TNS was established as a Crown Corporation in 2015. Its mandate is to:

1) achieve tourism growth in the Province and maximize the value of tourism to the economy of the Province;  
2) develop and implement a long-term strategy to drive sustainable tourism in the Province that delivers growth and profitability in the tourism sector, provides economic benefit to the Province and is consistent with the province's strategic priorities; and  
3) communicate and collaborate with communities, private industry and the tourism industry in the Province.  
The key areas of focus identified in the TNS Strategy include attracting more first-time visitors and focussing on markets of highest return. Research has identified travel parties from overseas as the highest value visitors to Nova Scotia, with the average overseas travel party spending more than four thousand, four hundred dollars ($4,400) in the province.  
TNS is seeking professional marketing and sales services to represent Nova Scotia in The UK including strategic planning, sales, market intelligence, marketing, measurement, promotional and consulting services. TNS is looking for a marketing partner to challenge traditional methodologies and to look for innovative approaches to marketing Nova Scotia in an ever-changing global environment.  
Response Deadline Time: 14:00 Atlantic Time on the date specified above.  
Please refer to Ariba Event Content for information. All questions are to be directed through the Ariba Sourcing Event Message Board.  
The Province of Nova Scotia does not post budget information. The opportunity amount listed does not reflect the Province‚Äôs actual project estimate.  
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