SAP Business Network Terms Center
SAP Business Network Terms Center
The SAP Business Network Terms Center contains the SAP Business Network Terms of Use, as well as the Product Terms and Policies applicable to your business' access to the SAP Business Network.
The SAP Business Network Terms of Use contain the general terms applicable to your business' use of the SAP Business Network. Certain SAP Business Network Services require the acceptance of additional, product-specific terms (see the list below). SAP Business Network is a network to connect trading partners for collaboration via SAP applications, networks and third-party services. SAP Business Network allows businesses to register an account and engage in a variety of activities, including trading partner discovery, ability to discover additional services from SAP and SAP's authorized solution partners, and establishing relationships for networked collaboration. (What has changed from the legacy Ariba Network Terms of Use for Suppliers? see FAQ )
The following Product Terms apply to the use of the SAP Business Network as noted below.

SAP Business Network Discovery and Optional Services Terms (Selling and Buying Trading Partners) The SAP Business Network Discovery solution facilitates the connection of Buying Trading Partners with diverse, qualified, and sustainability-driven Selling Trading Partners who can deliver the products or services they are looking for. Optional Services: Functionality offered to complement or enhance other services, sometimes offered only regionally or only with integration to a third-party integrated service.

SAP Business Network Sourcing and Contract Terms (Selling Trading Partners only) SAP Sourcing: provides functionality associated with responding to sourcing activities and events of a Buying Trading Partner as well as responding to requests for information from Buying Trading Partners related to registration, qualification, certificate management, performance, or other information and process needs. SAP Contract Management: provides functionality associated with exchanging, storing, or accessing draft contract documents, referred to generally as "Contracts" activities.
The following SAP Business Network Policies apply to the use of the SAP Business Network.

SAP Cloud Data Processing Agreement
Data Processing Agreement describes the parties' obligations and SAP's practices with respect to Personal Data.
SAP Business Network Data Policy
SAP Business Network Data Policy describes the data use cases specific to the SAP Business Network in greater detail than the SAP Business Network Terms of Use.
Product Development Schedule
The Product Development Schedule details how SAP uses data for general product research and development, including creating new products, services, or components not specific to a given service or customer.
SAP AI Terms
SAP AI Terms apply to artificial intelligence features and technologies provided with SAP Cloud Services.
SAP AI Third-Party Pass-Through Terms
SAP AI Third-Party Pass-Through Terms apply to certain AI models, technologies, or features licensed from third-parties that are provided with, or utilized by, the SAP Business Network Services, as established in the SAP AI Terms referenced above.
SAP Business Network Fulfillment Services ("Fulfillment Services") facilitate the establishment of a trading relationship between Selling Trading Partners and Buying Trading Partners, uploading negotiated catalogs for reference by buying Selling Trading Partners, and the sending and receiving of documents routed via the SAP Business Network.

The SAP Business Network Fulfillment Terms of Use for Selling Trading Partners only apply to the use of Fulfillment Services by Selling Trading Partners.
Product Terms & Policies for Additional Services
Product Terms & Policies for Payment Products
Product Terms & Policies for Optional Services
SAP Business Network for Logistics is an open network that connects business partners for intercompany collaboration and insights. The freight collaboration option enables companies to efficiently manage business transactions with their logistics business partners and gain insights into collaborative activities. The global track and trace option supports customers in gaining visibility about business processes across their lifecycle, to offer synchronized real-time insights.